Thursday, January 19, 2012

Taker – Outers win….

it seems that most of you are “responsible” sewers and remove your pins instead of sewing over them.

I really thought there was more “lazy” sewers like me but after reading the comments I have to admit you had scared me into becoming a “Taker-outer ! I don’t need high machine repair bills  and Judy's comment really freaked me out…I never thought about a broken piece of needle flying up into my eye……as of now…

No more sewing over my Pins !


Thanks for all your comments and for making me see the error of my ways…You won’t hear me admit that often!!LOL

Tomorrow I will be posting more of your finished Caddys…so if you have a picture for me …send it on over :-)



1 comment:

  1. Before me, the needle flies into the eye, I would remove it!
    Many greetings gitta



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