Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sewing Room SewAlong….Sewing Tote

February is here and so is our next project. As I had mentioned in my last post…I made an “executive” decision and changed this months project from Pincushion to Sewing Tote/Bag….I figured we all need  a tote/bag to carry our Sewing projects/supplies in and since you all are so motivated I figured I better take advantage of it !

Please do not mix this up with a sewing kit ( we will make one of them later his year) …this is to be a bag/tote/basket  that we can carry our supplies in. Whether you decide to make a big one for your mats & rulers…or a smaller one just to carry your appliqué & stitchery supplies in….is up to you.

I am posting some links & patterns for your inspiration ….you can use these, or patterns you may have bought, seen in magazines or design your own…let your wishes and imagination go wild! You know best what kind of Bag/Tote/ Basket you would use or need!?

Please don’t tell me you don’t need a bag/tote…we girls NEVER have enough bags or shoes!

Here come the first ideas…..

I know this is a garden tote by why couldn’t it be a sewing tote ??

Sewing Caddy by GinaBean …click here for pdf file

Gina Bean sewing caddy

Or this Puffy Pockets tote by LiL Becks Corner 

Puffy Pockets Tote

If your one that likes to carry everything…this one may be for you ??…this great sewing tote is from Embroidery Library . Click here for pdf file 


What about a Tasket Basket by Half Moon Modern ? Sew4Home has tons of great patterns & ideas… sure to grab a coffee before you check out their site…your going to need it!


Or a Simple 6 Pocket Tote….this works to !

Simple 6 pocket tote


Theresa at TheresaDownUnder has 2 cute patterns…

the Charm Pack toteIMG_2540 and Tote Bag ….

Tote bag tutorial DownUnder

How about this Organizing Tote Basket  by 2 little Hooligans?? It doesn’t have to be for knitting! ( I am sure the knitters would like this too!)

Organizing Tote basket


This Big Naughty Secretary Bag looks like it would be great for carrying quilting supplies…a few more pockets inside or outside and it would be perfect.


The Creative Quilter has this big Mat & Ruler bag…

ruler bag

These pictures for inspiration only…these are NOT free :-(




KM 316








This should give you a few ideas and hopefully get you motivated.

Can’t wait till I see the first finished bag!




  1. Hey Liz,
    great sewing totes, I guess I´ll make the first or second one, I like them.
    Thank you for the links ... have a great week

  2. I can see Amy and I will be busy. Very nice selection of totes thanks Liz

  3. BIG sigh - what have you done !! Now I have to sew a tote ... I'll yell for help when I get stuck (I've never sewn a tote before ...) But - they all look wonderful! First thing will be to make up my mind: which one do I try ???

  4. O Dear,
    The last time I made me a bag - I ended up Having to make everybody one for Christmas. Mine just wore out , but I saw my daughter-in-law is still carrying hers-but she cheated & has given hers "breaks" along the way from 3 years ago. LOL

  5. Hi Liz,
    schöne Anleitungen hast du da verlinkt, ich hoffe, es gelingt mir auch wieder mit Dem auszukommen, was ich in meinem Fundus finde,
    (How did you nice link, I hope I manage to get along again with The thing I find in my stock) Übersetzung von Google ;-))
    LG Doris

  6. And which one should i sew now? I love them all. Using a lot of boxes for my projects so i should have a Tote or Bag, which includes all things, needful for all projects, then thats my problem.
    And i need one for my knittings ;-))

    Welche soll ich jetzt nähen? Ich mag sie all.
    Ich benutze viele Kisten, Körbe, Boxen für die diversen Projekte. Nur eine Tasche mit den Sachen, die ich für alle Projekte brauche, die habe ich nicht. Schere, Nadeln, Garn und Nadelkissen sind gerade immer in der falschen Kiste.
    Das ist mein Problem.

    Und für meine Strickereien brauche ich auch was.

    tolle Links.

    1. Tolle Links,kann mich aber noch nicht entscheiden...
      Ich glaube es wird die"TASK-BASKET" mal sehen?
      Danke Liz



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