Sunday, February 5, 2012

Showcase Sunday……

Since my Sewing Room SewAlong has taken off better then I thought ( to my great pleasure!) I have decided to make a few changes…..

I won’t be posting your pictures anymore on “Finish Friday” (otherwise the post gets to long)…..”Finish Friday” will go back to being the day I brag about the stuff I made ( I need this pressure to get stuff done …call me a sadist)

Instead I will be posting the pictures of your finished items on Sundays!

“Showcase Sunday” will be your Brag day !!

Since today is Sunday…I am officially opening “ Showcase Sunday” !!

To my great pleasure and surprise!!!!… already 2 of you have finished your February project! I just finished picking out my fabrics …I don’t even know what tote I am going to sew…I have an idea in my head but that can change like the weather!)…you girls are just to fast for me! (maybe I should give them another project too! LOL)

I am happy to announce the first 2 finishes!!

Martina was the first one to send me her picture and she was so motivated that she made 2 totes! I love the redwork she did on the bags!


Susanne made this great jean tote!  I love the red polka dot fabrics …my favorite ( I also am planning on using polka dots on my tote) and I think the yoyo flowers are just to sweet.


Martina & Susanne did a great job and they were super fast !

How is everyone else coming along ?? Are you also at the “planning” stages like me ?? So many decisions!

Off to my sewing machine….



P.S. I keep getting emails from readers asking if they can join in…Of course you can!! ..…“Anyone” can join in on the SewAlong.…at Anytime! The more the Merrier!  Just pick a pattern and start sewing!


  1. Hi Liz,
    better late than never :))

    Regards,Marga-this is fun !!

  2. WOW they are so pretty. Amy and I better get to sewing. We picked the fabric and pattern. But no sewing yet.. Hopefully this week we will cut and sew.
    I am so glad you started this thanks again Liz