Sunday, March 4, 2012

Showcase Sunday……lots of pictures !

I was starting to think that no one wanted to sew a tote but at the last minute more wonderful pictures came in …I am happy to present…..

Gungun went all out and made this wonderful tote to hold all her supplies.


Open…look at all those pocketsGungun 2


Maria,  said she doesn’t usually use a tote for her sewing stuff but I am glad that she made one anyways…



Angelika made this adorable tote as a gift for someone special.Angelika

Margaret out did herself when she made this tote for a gift…I wonder if I should tell her when my birthday is ?? LOL


Irene in my Quilting group ( non Blogger) made this HUGE sewing tote! Way to go Irene ! When we go on our sewing retreat in August she can carry everything with her!…look at all those pockets!

Irene 1Closed….

Irene 2 

Irma, also in my Quilting group made this large tote to carry her mat & rulers in….



That makes a total of 18 totes sewn this month…well done girls!!! Doesn’t it feel great to have accomplished such a big project !! I am proud of you all !!

Sewing Tote


Normally that would be it for Showcase Sunday but for some crazy reason a bunch of you have already sewn the March project !!

Let me present ……

Sigrid was the first to finish her project. She decided to make up a Thread Catcher herself… look at her great creation …..that’s what I call clever!


Hanging on her machine…..pincushion on one side ….

  Thread holder 006

Thread catcher on the other…..

Thread holder 005

Bente made this adorable one…….


The girls in my quilting group were surprisingly also fast this month….

Petra made this cute triangle one …..


Irma also made one….


Irene had a good sewing day and produced this pretty catcher….


WOW …that’s it!

I can’t believe how productive everyone has been already. Keep up the great work girls…I love seeing what you all sew!

Keep the pictures coming!




  1. What a lovely picture show. It's just inspirational to see all those wonderful bags.
    Love the thread catchers too especially the unique one from Sigrid.

  2. All the bag are gorgeous and the thread catchers too.Hope to sew March project.

    Liz,are you better?
    Warm wishes

  3. O MY! So much talent in this little group! Wow -ladies - you all ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Some lovely bags there! And the thread catchers, I shall have to make a one, I have thread bits all over the place when I work.
    I get lots of inspiration from looking at the pictures you are showing, thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh yes ... I'm still going to sew a bag for me !! AFTER our quilt exhibition ;-)) And I think my trusty thread catcher is ready for retirement ... do you remember which lovely lady sewed it for me? Thanks for offering all the wonderful links and inspiration - as you are going to do this for a whole year, chances are one day I'm going to "just do it", which is a good thing ;-))

  6. Ich bin zwar reichlich spät mit meinem Strickbeutel, aber ich habe fertig ;-))
    Hier sind ja solche Kunstwerke, zum neidisch werden, aber für mich war es wichtig eine Stricktasche zu haben, die ich problemlos mit auf Treffen nehmen kann.
    Das Foto ist in meinem Blog, wenn auch außer Konkurrenz.
    Das Märzthema laße ich aus, ich habe letztes Jahr einige Fadensammlerkörbchen genäht, das ist für mich genau richtig. Ich mag nix vor der Nähmaschine rumhängen haben. Das Bild muß ich noch raussuchen.

    liebe Grüße

  7. Es sind ja wieder tolle Sachen entstanden, danke Liz für diese Aktion, es macht Spaß dabei zu sein und zu sehen, was für tolle Kreationen entstehen.
    Diesen Monat habe ich nur auf die Schnelle "gebastelt" und dabei wieder ein paar Stoffreste verarbeitet.

    liebe Grüße



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