Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thank you…..

I want to thank everyone for their get well wishes and all the “crossed fingers” and “pressed thumbs” (that’s what we say in Germany). I wish I could tell you the surgery was a success…but I don't really know much until later today when I have my Doctors appointment.

crossed-fingers      glueckwunsch37

All I know is that they fixed (removed?) meniscus and did some smoothing. ( whatever that means??) and when I woke I had a drainage tube in my knee and it hurt like hell! Last surgery I had a block set on my leg so I felt no pain…this time no blockage and I can tell you I was ring the bell for the nurse really fast. Of course the pain interfusion made me sick…the pain drops made me dizzy and nauseous…it was a wonderful hospital stay.

Needless to say the next days at home weren’t much better…for some reason my body didn’t handle the anesthetic so well this time….guess it’s a sign of getting old…my body needs longer to bounce back !

I can tell you laying around with your leg up is BOREING!!

A girl can only watch so much mindless TV, stitch or read…I need to sew on my machine!

Hopefully my leg will be better in a few days and life can get back to normal ( whatever that is)

I'm off to the doctors…I’ll post the next Sewing room SewAlong Project later today. …don’t forget to send ne your finished pictures!!




  1. Liz, I am glad at least that part is over. And you will be on the road to recovery. Hope the Dr gives you a good report and you won't need any more surgery right now.
    Wish I was lived across the street I would bring coffee, tea or whatever your hearts desires.I understand you need that sewing machine but maybe just holding some fabric would help.

  2. ok I keep my fingers crossed than, get better very very fast !!!

    1. hoffentlich geht es dir bald besser....drücke dir ganz fest die daumen.
      Liebe grüße gitta

  3. Yes, I hope things hurry up & heal quickly so you can go back to the things you love.



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