Thursday, April 12, 2012

Buttons galore….

today my friend Katja kidnapped me and took me to Irmgard’s quilting shop “ NähstübchenUntermdach”.

On the way there Katja was telling me about this Button making machine Irmgard had in her shop…and I said…”Why would anyone need a Button Machine”…silly me!! What did I know!?

You should of seen me making buttons…it was like eating chips…I just couldn’t stop!!

Look at these fun buttons …I even made some to match my SAL items.


When I got home & showed them to my Hubby.…I said ”Guess what I wish for my Birthday?!” A Button Machine! LOL …I guess a girl does need one!

I love going to Irmgard…her shop is in the attic of her home and is filled with wonderful fabrics & quilting supplies ( and good prices ) . Whenever I go there my problem is not deciding WHAT to buy…its deciding what NOT to buy!

Today was no different…after a lot of uhhhhing & ahhhhing…I got these bits & pieces ( I needed the red polka dots for strawberry Pincushions, purple dots just because I didn’t have any, the pink is for another project and the last 2 just called my name! )


She also had this great Paris fabric that I am kicking myself in the butt for not getting…next time!!…This gives me a reason to visit again and make her crazy one more time!

Thanks Irmgard & Katja for the lovely afternoon!!

Now I am off to play with my new toys!


P.S. Chris I will be sending you my tops soon ! LOL


  1. Hi Liz,
    those Buttons are so nice!
    It is a great thing, such a Button-machine :O)
    Should get one as well....
    Have a happy weekend,

  2. Hi Liz,

    It was nice to see you again! You should come over with Katja more often - it's not that far.... ;) Sure you can bring your tops and watch me quilting them - or have a try on the machine by yourself. :) Or just send them if you trust me not making trash out of it...... ;)

    Have a nice day!


    PS: When will you come and get your own Button-machine?? ;)

  3. I´ve never seen a button-machine, but I´m sure I need one :-)