Sunday, April 1, 2012

Showcase Sunday…..

*** UPDATE…I made a mistake….there are 31 finished Thread catches. I forgot to add Martina's in the collage.

Here is the collage with all 31 thread catchers !

31 Thread Cathers


March has come to an end and so has the Thread catcher pictures…but I have 2 more to share with you !

Katja made this thread catcher . I find it hilarious!  I actually like it!…great way to recycle jeans!


Iris made this lovely catcher…I love the fabric (wonder if they make it in red ?? and I I adore the bow…super cute!! I gotta make one too !

I am happy to say that makes a total of 30 Thread catchers made by you all this month !! Way to go!! I didn’t think it was that many so I am really impressed! That means there are a lot more cleaner sewing rooms out there ! ( you would never know it if you saw my floor!)

Thread Catchers Collage

Great job Ladies!!

I'll post April's project later tonight…today is the last day of my Hubbys vacation and I don’t think he wants me spending the whole day on the computer…then again…he might enjoy the quiet time ??




  1. Hi Liz,

    Woow, so many wonderful thread catcher !!

    Hugs Klaudia

  2. Hi Liz,
    a great collage of the threat catchers, wow! Hope, I can make the project for april ... if I´ll be home again and of course healthy
    Have a nice evening with your hubby ;o)



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