Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some things….are just fun to make…..

and these Pincushions were one of them.

I am sure you all guessed this one…..who would like a slice ???

Watermelon PC

After I finished the Watermelon slice…I was on a roll so I made “Karl” the Crab ! Is he too cute or what ?!

Crab 1

Crab 2

I love him!!! I just had to make him …my Birth sign is Cancer….so of course I needed a little crab…he was fun, easy & fast to make.

Which Pincushion should I make next ??

……I wanted a bunch of Strawberries…the Bitty Bug is too cute…the Suitcase is also a must… and not to mention the patterns I have sitting here ( the birdie, elephant, turtle, cupcake, etc..)             

Where do I start ?



P.S: I have a question…you know when you sew a 2 circles together ( like I did for the crab ) and you leave a little opening to turn it Right Side Out….then you stuff it …and stitch the opening closed. Does anyone have a trick or tip how to make that stitched opening look nice ( so you don’t notice it) Do you know what I mean??? That last section never looks as neat ….grrrr…there has to be a trick ??

On the red polka dotted Pincushion, I sewed the circles completely ( without an opening) then cut a tiny slip in the middle …turned…stuffed and then stitched it closed…the lace flower & button covered up the hole. But I can’t always do that.


  1. Deine Frage ist auch mein Problem. Da ist mein Nadelkissen auch nicht mehr rund, und beim abbinden sieht es noch eckiger aus.

    Aber deine Melone und deine süß

  2. Like your pincushions!
    I use very small stitches when I sew the opening, and I think it turn out quite well.
    (I have a Giveaway, you are welcome to visit.)

    1. Einfach herrlich,deine Krabbe und Melone!!!!

  3. O LIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ - I love the little crab-soo terribly cute -what's this about a bitty bug??????

    My friend that I learned from taught me to leave as small a hole as you can stuff and then use the smallest zig zag stitch and when done perfectly sometimes you can not even spot it.

    Of course if it is only teeny - I use the tiny stitches also -but then I heard some use that sewing glue to hold every perfectly still while you use any technique.

    I guess that is one of the neat things about sewing with so many artists using so many different techniques that the "world is your oyster" so it is what every works for you.

    Not like some crafts where you can only do that thing One particular way while standing on one foot with your one hand tied to your back shoe . LOL

  4. Hi Liz,
    those two pincushions are loavely again!

    the stiches, as small as cou can, yes, that is what i would say too. it is hard to describe, better to show ;O)

    I am curious about your next pincushion! I would love to do the suitcase, when I have some time left :O)))))

    Have alovely day,

  5. Matratzenstich! Schau mal hier:

    Ich nutze diesen Stich auch, um auf der Rückseite das Binding anzunähen. Mit der Zeit geht das ganz schnell (hin und her, hin und her quasi :) ). Ich faules Stück lasse meistens ZU kleine Wendeöffnungen und quäle mich dann ab, aber dieser Stich ist prima zum Schließen!

  6. Oh LIz,
    die Krabbe ist ja megasüss, es gibt soooo viele schöne Nadelkissen, gewiss were ich mich da auch noch austoben aber momentan fehlt mir leider die Zeit.
    Liebe Grüße

  7. Liebe Liz,
    Du machst ja so schöne Sachen und das Nadelkissen als Wassermelonenschnitz find ich besonders cool.



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