Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blogging Problem….Help !

Every once in a while I have a problem leaving a comment on peoples blogs…till now it just frustrated me a bit but today it made me crazy ! I can't even leave a comment on my own blog ??

Did Blog-world change my settings ?? I never changed anything ??

My comments section looks like this….this  is BAD…can't leave a comment here for the life of me ! Trauriges Smiley 

image(Click on picture to see it better )

Every time I write the comment…click on Post …my comment disappears and I am back to square one again. It doesn’t matter what I do it wont work!….Grrrrrr!

What do I have to change to get it to work ??

It should look like this !


(Frauke…what setting do you have ??? Your Blog is one of the few I can leave a comment on ?? )

If anyone knows how to solve this problem…Please, pretty Please…tell me !



  1. Hi .... I can leave a comment :-)

  2. me too....

    may be you are not signed in ?

    or blog is set on "moderate" comments so I have to approve them first ?

    good luck !

  3. this is just a test drive - hold on, we'll work it out!

  4. easy- no problem. So, first of all - make sure you are signed in with your google account. Let me know whether this helps, if not, we'll look a bit deeper into the settings on blogger. Do you use Skype ???

  5. I'll have a try to post a comment!! And I looked at your picture: you have to choose an identity to leave a comment, I think blogger changed something and you need a google account for leaving a comment!!
    Hope mine will do it!!

  6. Oh my gosh the new blogger is driving me nuts too!!

  7. lets See if I can leave a comment.

  8. I hope you can work this out. These things can be quite annoying.
    Good Luck.

  9. I had this problem and rectified it by always signing in to blogger everytime I visit and not being permanently signed in. It worked for me.



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