Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finish Friday ….a day early…..

since tomorrow is the first of June and I wish to post the next SewAlong Project tomorrow,  I figured I would do my Friday post today…don’t you just love it when I mix everything up ??

We had a lovely long weekend…the weather was fabulous (for a change ) we grilled a lot and enjoyed the time relaxing in the garden.

During this time I managed to do some beading. I made two necklaces.  I have had the Crystal Rondelles for  awhile and finally did something with them.

The pattern is a freebie…. Collier Ecro by Penico.

Bronz necklace

What I found interesting was that each side of the necklace gave a different color….here's a close up of the cream side…

Bronz with cream side

On the other side you see more Gold…..

Bronnz with gold side

Since I had so much fun beading this necklace and it was fast & easy…. I made one in Blues….

This is the silver side….

Blue necklace WS

Blue necklace WS Close

and this is the more blue side….

Blue necklace BS

Blue necklace BS Close

In keeping with the summer feeling I made this crystal Butterfly…it also was a freebie… Collier Papillion.


I have been waiting for Sabine Lipperts book to come out and it was delivered in time for the weekend. It has some lovely designs in it but first I need to order more crystal beads ! It comes in German & English.

Bead bnook

Enough playing with beads…I need to do some sewing now…how are your Sewing Machine Covers coming along…you have till Sunday to send me your picture…off to your machines!




  1. Please don´t show more photos. I really don´t have enough sparetime for a another hobby !! LOL
    Great work :-)

  2. Dear Liz
    deine Ketten sind wunderschön, willst du mit den Kronjuwelen der Queen Elisabeth konkurieren ;-)




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