Friday, May 18, 2012

Finish Friday……

for some strange reason I just can’t get myself to sew. I have a couple orders to fill...I bought new fabrics…but I just am not motivated…someone stole my Musa !
Instead I have been playing with my beads. Here are some Daisies pendants I made up using Dagger beads …once I got started I couldn’t stop !
Blue daisy
blue close up(Blue dotted daisy – 3 different daggers & Swarovski crystals )
brown daisy
brown close up(Brown Daisy – Brown & green daggers & Czech beads)
turkis daisy
IMG_3725(Turquoise Daisy – Turquoise & bronze daggers & Czech Beads)
Here are a couple simple daisies….
dark blue daisy(Dark Blue daisy – with a touch of purple)
red daisy(Red Daisy – every girl needs a  little red in her life)
white Green daisySpring Daisy
Once I ran out of daggers I made this flower…it reminds me of a sunflower but I didn't have any yellows / orange beads so I made it in purples …I have just the top to wear it with.
lila flower
(This is a pattern by by Sabine Lohse...I had a lot of fun beading it! )

My friend Brigitte asked me if the daisies could be made with the small daggers…I tried it and they can…it makes a tiny sweet daisy….perfect for earrings.
mini daisyHere you can see the size difference better.comparison
As you can see I wasn’t kidding when I said I couldn’t stop making the daisies.
Now I am going to try and sew something…hope I my Musa shows up!
P.S: how are your Sewing machine Covers coming along ?…mine is still in the “thinking” stage!


  1. Hii Liz,

    the flowers are soo beautiful!

    LG Klaudia

  2. Wonderful beaded flowers, they turned out great.



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