Friday, July 20, 2012

Finish Friday….

A big thank you to everyone for crossing your fingers for Max…I am happy to say it must of worked ( that or the pills) …he's doing better …not 100% but at least an improvement ….thanks for your help ( and kind words) !

Since Max is doing better I finally have some time to post…..You may remember that I got a Kobo eBook reader for my birthday…well I had to make a cover for it ….I decide to make it like a book cover with a elastic for closure. This isn't from a pattern…this is my own creation…a little measuring…a little sewing …a little ripping re-sewing and viola a cover !

Kobo cover The embroidery design is by Urban Threads


I know some of you are surprised that it’s not pink…pink is only for my sewing room…red is my favorite color ! But I was thinking of making one in pink just for fun.

Remember the thread case I made…well I decide I needed to make a like case for my Brother sewing machine feet….the feet came in this pouch…..ugly !

brother bag

So I make this little case…..better !brother bag 1


brother bag 6

….open…. empty & full

brother bag 2

brother bag 3










This case is only 6 “ x 14 “ open …it just looks big…I just laid out my supplies and decide how many pockets I needed. it also matches the bag I made for it last time….

Machien tote

I seem to be on a kick of sewing with plastic…it’s so easy & fun !! All you need is some thick clear tablecloth plastic (Hornbach), a Teflon foot ( I heard you could cover your normal foot with scotch tape & it would work…haven't tried it yet ?)  some straight binding and little fabric and viola …a case…I might have to try and do a little tutorial ??  Umm an idea !

Now I really should go sew my scissor case…no plastic in that one…then again …that might be an idea ???

Happy sewing…..




  1. The sewing machine foot case is a great idea and it is very pretty. Much better than the case the "feet" came in.
    And I think a tutorial would be nice.

  2. Love the E reader book cover. Urban Threads have some great designs.

  3. Hi Liz,
    your E Reade rbook Cover is georgeous!

    How is your Dog tody? I hope, better! Big hugs again :O)

    Have a good start into the new week!



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