Friday, July 27, 2012

Finish Friday…..

even though we are having a heat wave and a sick dog I did manage to get some sewing done.

Do you remember me saying that I might have to try and make a scissor case using plastic…well, I took on my own challenge and made one…..for those pretty scissors you wish to show off !

Pretty in Pink……


back side…..


If your scissors have sharp pointy ends like mine, then you might want to make a little tip guard for your case…..I took a piece of thick plastic …the kind you have on folders or Mylar type… I folded it in half and cut out a little curved piece  ( leave the fold in tact) and slide it into your case…this way the sharp tips won't poke through the vinyl

point saver

Since the pink case is for my sewing room….I had to also make one for my sewing tote….with red polka dots ! …Love the fabrics !


I made my case a bit smaller then the original pattern since I wanted it for my little embroidery scissors.sc2

When it was to hot for me to sew…I let my machine do the work ….friends of ours, niece is getting married so I had to make a little ring bearers pillow.

Judith pillow

Close up ……

close upI hope it brings them lots of luck & joy in their marriage !

That’s all the sewing I got done…how productive was your week ???

I hope to get lots of sewing done over the weekend …we were suppose to go away to a wine tasting weekend but since Max is still sick and I have no one to watch him….I am staying home and my Hubby is going with our friends. This will be the first time in 15 years my Hubby has gone away without me  ( I on the other hand go away all the time …at the end of August I am going on a 4 days sewing weekend so I figured it was only fair he went this time ….besides after all these years I think he could use a weekend away from me ….I know I would !)

Now I am off to pick out my projects for the weekend! Sure hope it rains otherwise I will be sewing in the basement !

Happy summer days!



P.S: don’t forget to send me pictures of your scissor cases for Sundays Post.


  1. what a great idea to show off your angel scissors.. too cute.. Love the other case as well... Your pillow is lovely I am sure the wedding will be beautiful

    sorry to hear max is still sick... Big Hugs for you

  2. I love the scissor cases, great idea to show off the lovely scissors. The ring bearer pillow turn out wonderful, hope the heat wave coll down a bit.

  3. Both scissor cases are neat, and the pillow is very beautiful.

  4. Wow Liz,
    the scissorcases are amazing. I love the first one. Gues I have to make one too :o)
    And the pillow is just "zauberhaft"
    Hugs and good wishes to the doggy

  5. Dear Liz, yourScissorcase with plastic is great.
    I have finished a very simple projekt. the last of this challenge.

    Have a nice week


  6. Hi Liz, your scissores cases are wonderful and this pillow for therings is georgeous!
    Hope your Doggie is well now!? Big hug again!
    Love to you,



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