Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hot summer day……

today was another hot day so I figured it was perfect for painting my baskets & crates……I can tell you it is not easy painting old stuff white….The spray paint worked not bad on the baskets but on the crates it failed. So I dug out white paint ( from the walls) and that did the trick.

baskets painted

Everything is white…I sanded it a bit but it still needs something …I think I have to stamp /stencil something on the crates …but what ???

At least the hair pins (??) wrapped with lace look nice….these will also be going in the prize baskets ( crates) for the SAL.lace bobbins

Since I was in the garden enjoying the weather ( sweating my butt off ) I decided to wash the chair cushions so they could dry outside ….do NOT wash cheap chair cushions.!!

Or they end up looking like this !!!


On big clump !!

Actually they look like how I feel ….it was to hot today! Why does everyone always cry for summer ??? Everything over 25° is not fun.

Hope you have a nice cool day !




  1. Hi Liz, was sind das für hübsche Stäbchen? Vielleicht hat der Typ recht und es sind Haar"nadeln". Oder sind es Spitzenklöppel? Aber sie sehen gut aus!

  2. I am with you Liz, everything above 25 C is to much. I love the baskets white, did they absorb a lot of paint?

  3. Hi Liz,
    your baskets look pretty nice! Good for all your lovely creations!
    Those pins look good as well with the lace!

    and are so right! Verything over 25° is a pain!!!!

    Have a lovely and hopefully not too hot weekend!
    And a big hug for your doggie again :O)))

    Love and hugs,



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