Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Love…flea markets, thrift stores & garage sales!!

Unfortunately, most of the flea markets here seem to sell new stuff…...

…..there's one one thrift shop in my area and it sells mostly kids clothes...

….the garage sales are none existent! I have never seen one in Germany??? Do you have garage sales in Germany ??

Needless to say I miss the hunt for those little treasures …..those sales.…..the cool old things.
It has been a long time since I was at a flea market...never find anything good ....till Sunday !!!

The angels of luck must of been smiling on me....

Look at these lovely laces I found ( not sure what the wooden thing is but I found it cool…if my Hubby doesn’t listen I can always hit him with it !)) ...the lady wanted 50 cents per bunch for the lace and when she started counting she said...ahhh, give me 2€ for it all...I could of kissed her.

Then I found this shelf ..50 cents....perfect for my thimbles...just have to stain it a bit.

Then...these yellow buttons...1€ ...I was looking for red ones but these were to pretty to pass up.

Then...I came across these 2€ .....I am not sure what they are ??? The guy said they are hair sticks but they look like they are for tattling?? I thought they would look good wrapped with the lace I bought...

I also got white spray paint ....3 cans for 3€ ...

I want to paint these crates & baskets and fill them with goodies as the prizes for the Sewing Room SewAlong ….

As I was leaving the flea market…..I saw this crazy case....for 2,50€...it reminded me of running away with the circus ( that’s another story) ….I have no idea what I will do with it but how could  I pass it up.?!


Look inside...I have to clean all the junk out of it….




....haven't decided if I should repaint it or leave it as is???
My hubby thinks I'm nuts for buying...it weights a ton but I just found it cool…..any ideas what I should do with this are welcome !

That was my afternoon at the flea market …its amazing how muc  11€ buys you today ! …if your get lucky!

Now I am off to paint my crates & baskets & clean my suitcase....




  1. you hit the jack pot... Really cool things. Don't you just love it when you find great deals. YEAAAA
    Oh come on now you need to tell us about running away with the circus.That has t be a good story. I want to know lol

  2. WOW!!!! Lucky day. I wish we had flea markets. On the other hand maybe it's a blessing in disguise that we don't. Goodness knows what things I'd come home with. LOLL
    Probably more flea's than anything useful. LOL

  3. You really found great treasures at the fleamarket. And the love for vintage things is one more thing we share.

  4. Wow, I absolutely looove that suitcase! I have no idea why we Germans don't have those awesome garage sales. They are one of the things I enjoy most here in the US ;-)
    Love your blog, always fun to read!
    LG Anna

  5. Flohmärkte haben wir in Flensburg und Umgebung genug.Ich liebe auch,dieses Rumstöbern auf Märkten.
    Tolle Schätze hast du gefunden,bin echt neidisch(lach)
    Die großen Holzspulen,die du auf meinen Blog gesehen hast,sind von einem Handwerkermarkt,mußte ich sofort haben!

  6. WOW, lovely things you found at the fleemarket!
    Big hugs for your doggie ( glad, he is better!!! )
    Hugs and a happy day,

  7. Hi,, liebe liz,

    da hast du interessante Dinge auf dem Flohmarkt gefunden....bei uns gibt es auch so einige Flohmärkte.Mein Mann geht regelmässig und gerne dorthin.
    Das Regal für deine Fingerhüte ist doch ideal....ich freue mich, mit dir

    LG Klaudia

  8. Liz, I think the sticks are for bobbin -lace making. Love the crate and the suitcase, and do tell about running away with the circus.

  9. There are things that we buy for future purposes while there are also old items that we still keep on storage because we think that they could still be of use. Thrift stores as well as garage sales provide the opportunity for us to let go our stuff and make room for new items. Thanks for sharing!