Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just for the record….

I don’t need fabric!  I have more then I can probably use in my lifetime ….then why can't I stop buying it ???  Do I have an addiction?? Is there something wrong with me ??? I know I am not alone !

I think its the pretty colors & designs that keep tempting me…that or I am  just weak !

I did it again !

I wanted a fabric with scissors on it for this months SAL project and look what I ended up ordering …a few buttons, pins  & the pink one was to cute to resist !


I am weak !

I can resist chocolate, candy, even shoes but I can't resist fabrics ! Do I need help ??

What is your weakness???



P.S. I got this fabric at Fabric Shack…I do all my online shopping there…Shipping cost are always 1/2 price !!! Only $8.50 for a Global priority envelope filled with 9 yards of fabric …How can I resist ?? ! After all I am weak !  


  1. Hi Liz,
    lovely fabrics you got! I love them!
    And I know about your "problem" ....To be honest, you are not alone with this!!!

    Claudia :O)))

    Where did you get those wonderful fabrics?

  2. Hello Liz,
    your new fabrics looks so cute. And I think, everything is allright, and we all have a weak :-).
    Just love your fabrics, and I will go the shop of fabrics and look :-).

    Kind regards, Sonja

  3. Beautiful fabrics. I'm like you. I see fabric and go weak at the knees. In fact I've had to stop going into town so I won't get tempted. LOLLLLL

  4. really adorable fabric... You are not alone. I need a bigger house just for my fabric.. I have it placed all over. Not enough room even in my sewing room for all the fabric I have, and I still buy more. You really NEVER have enough. :)( ASK AMY, she could open up her own fabric store, she buys by the bolt. )
    Hugs Susan

  5. As long as you use some old fabric up that gives you permission to buy some new fabric. And " NO" , you do not have an addiction, if that was the case so would be millions of woman.