Sunday, July 15, 2012

Showcase Sunday…..

I am so happy to say that I have pictures of finished Scissor etui / cases to show you …..

Sigrid was the first to finish her Scissor case…isn't this adorable ??? You know I LOVE the polka dot scissors !


Rosa  made this pretty scissor case….like the fabrics !


Closed……Rosa 2

Gitta I love the scissor fabric you used for the scissor case !


Irene ( NB) from my quilting group made not one but two cases…one for big scissors & one for little ones ! You all know I LOVE the red polka dot fabric…


I love all the scissor case you all have made…guess I should make mine ??

Just a little note….I started this SAL 7 months ago and I am really please with all the beautiful things you have made but I have to praise a couple people for not missing a month !

Gitta & Sigrid have made ever item …all 7 to date !!!!! Applause for them !!!!!!!!! Yepeee!!!!!! Yahooo !!!!

flowers from Ingo

Amy & Susan are only missing this months project but the month is young and I know they will do it !

Bente  & Klaudia are only missing a little pincushion ….come on Bente & Klaudia …you can whip up a little pincushion ?!

Iris & Martina are only missing the thread case…I  don’t know if I can talk them into making one???

I am very proud of you all …even if you only made one item…..but those who manage to sew every item will automatically win a prize at the end of the year….everyone else's name will be tossed into a hat and a name will be draw for a prize….so far it looks really good for Gitta & Sigrid !

Don’t forget …it is never to late to catch up !




  1. Hallo Liz,
    das sind schöne Bilder!!!
    Danke für das dicke Lob von dir!!!

  2. Hii Liz...

    danke für die tollen Bilder der schon fertigen "scissor cases".Sie sehen alle klasse aus.

    Übrigens, eine Pincushion hatte ich schon genäht;-)

    Herzlichst Klaudia