Sunday, August 19, 2012

Showcase Sunday…..

can you actually believe it..I am writing todays post on time !  WOW miracles do happen!

Even thought we are having a heat wave…I am happy to say a few of you have managed to actually sew!

I even am more happy to say that after I posted my Folded Needle case tutorial on Friday…Klaudia made not one but two right away! That makes 3 Needlecases she made this month !

Great job Klaudia!!!

klaudia 2

Super productive Susan is on a roll again …she made 3 Needlecases so far ( and another is in the works) I am glad she has so many machines that she needs one for each machine !

Susan ioen

Opened & Closed ……

susan closed


Judith made this lovely hand embellished needle case …


Judith 2


This cute mushroom was made by Sigrid …this is her second needle case this month!! Go Sigird !!!

Sigrid  Pilz-Nadelmäppchen

sigird 2

Unfortunately next weeks Showcase Sunday will be postponed till Tuesday….since on Friday I am going away for a 4 day sewing weekend!! I can't wait .This means you have a few more days to make your needles case. Off to your machine girls !!!…..

…I’m off to pick out all the projects I want to make on the weekend!! I have a feeling a sewing WEEK would have been better !


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  1. I guess it will be a week next time :-)
    can't wait to have you all here !!