Thursday, September 20, 2012

Finish Friday…..

you can tell Autumn is in the air…the sun shined but the wind bit you in the butt…it was cold today !! We still haven't turned on our furnace but Hubby did make a fire….

first fire

….I have to admit it was difficult leaving the comfort of the couch and the warmth of the fire to come upstairs to do todays post…but since I love you all…actually since I had to show off my Sewing case …so I dragged my butt upstairs.

Unfortunately I need a couple of sewing cases…so I made one for my “My Favorite Things “ blocks first….So I sat down and drew out a case that had all the features I needed….

SKOW Sewing case

On the left side are little folded pockets for my DMC floss….

SKOW Sewign Case 1

…the middle section holds my scissors, pins, needles & thread…

SKOW Sewign Case 2

…the right side is a vinyl pocket for all the extra goodies ( my Hubby asked if I was getting a plastic fetish since everything has a plastic pocket in it now…NO…its just fun making them !

SKOW Sewign Case 3

Here’s the whole sewing case…..its about 6” x 15” open

SKOW Sewign Case

As I sat on the couch today…stitching on one of my blocks I realized something was missing in the case…I had nowhere to place my thread snips…so up to my sewing room I hopped and …DADA!!! a mini thread catcher….

SKOW thread catcher

…it folds up and fits in the secret pocket behind the vinyl one….SKIW TC pocket

Now “My Favorite Things” set is perfect…everything fits into my bag and whenever I feel like working on a block…its waiting for me ….


…today I finished stitching this one….these are calorie free!!!

SKOW chocolate block

Hope you liked my case…now back to the cozy warm couch !



P.S: Angelika….this is what is left of the fabric you sent me …I think I used it well!

SKOW rest


  1. Hey Liz,
    what a great set you made. Wohooo! Just brilliant! I love it and the fabrics are so beautiful... as well as your chocolate block .... yummy :o)

  2. That´s so cute, Liz. And yes you did use the fabric very well. Such a nice blog! Thanks for following me!
    LG Astrid

  3. Dear Liz,
    such a nice and cute series. I love the fabrics and what you turned out of it. Just beautiful!!!

  4. Beautiful. I love the little pincushion in your sewing pouch and the vinyl pocket and how clever that your thread catcher fits in there too. Perfect for that lovely bag. Cute block.

  5. great that everything fits so well in your bag. Seeing your chocolate made me hungry for some hershey kisses.. LOl the real stuff. who cares about calories.. lol

  6. While reading your post i wondered if all those brilliant things where made of the fabric I sent ;-)) You did a great job !

  7. Hi Liz,
    your "Favorite Things Set" is geargeous! I LOVE it!
    Have a happy and warm weekend,

  8. The little stitchery case you made is so beautiful, I envy you for having such a nice set now.

  9. Liebe Liz,

    bei dir am Ofen schaut es sooo gemütlich aus. Ich werde unseren auch heute anheizen;-), denn es ist klat geworden.
    Dein Nadelmäppchen sieht klasse aus und sit so praktisch. Es passen viel Dinge hinein. Hab viel Freude daran.
    Ich wünsche dir ein schönes gemütliches Wochenende!

    Liebe Grüße Klaudia