Saturday, September 22, 2012

Missing ?????………….

where did that piece disappear to ???


I was working on a project..…I cut all the pieces out…I sewed the 2 little pieces…..ironed them nice and flat…took them to my sewing machine to attach it to the case and one piece was gone !!!??? I looked everywhere !! I couldn’t find it ….after a while I gave up and cut & sewed a new pocket.

I finished the case ….and sure enough as I was cleaning up …I found the little pocket…how the heck did it get in my thread drawer ??? Must have been the sewing gremlins!

Missing 2

Has that ever happened to you ??? Have you lost a piece on the way to the machine …not to be found till you were done ?

Ahhhh, Murray's Law …don’t you just love it !??!!!



  1. Sehr oft schon, liebe Liz, das gehört offenbar dazu -
    liebe Grüße

  2. Yes I have done that several times. I look EVERYWHERE and end up cutting another piece of fabric and of course then I do eventually find the missing fabric piece(s) but sometimes it doesn't show up for several days or a week. Another thing I recently did was while quilting was that a little scrap of fabric somehow got under my quilt and I ended up quilting that scrap to the back of my quilt!

  3. oh yesss many times.. When I clean up the mess I usually find it.. lol Glad I am NOT the only one