Sunday, September 9, 2012

Showcase Sunday……

hopefully by the time I finish writing this post it is still Sunday !

I am very happy to say ( and totally surprised ) that I have some finished Sewing Room SewAlong projects to show you today:

Klaudia was the first to send me a picture of her Sewing Case ! …she even made a pincushion to match


Seconds later Sigrid's picture landed in my mailbox… She said she didn’t need a sewing case but a case to for all her pencils & supplies…great idea !


Closed….neu 004

This case must be popular since Maria(1) also made one with her favorite cat fabric….these are really cute…might have to add it to my list !Maria cats


Maria (2) just discovered my wonderful little blog (LOL) and decided to jump right in the SAL …I can’t believe it but right away she made a needle case…for her sewing machine needles…..

Then she made a sewing case for her yoyo supplies….

I guess she doesn’t need to sleep…so she made this lovely caround case too ! …I love the bright fun colors !

While I wasn’t paying attention…Susan went crazy and made 3 sewing cases …

She made this adorable Owl Sewing case …..the design is by Embroidery Garden and is a “In-the-Hoop” design…cute !

SUsan 1   Susan2

She then turned an old coffee mug into a sewing kit…

Susan 3

Her third one is this old fashion printed one…susan4


Once again a lot of great finished projects !!

Great job girls…hope I didn’t miss anyone…if I did next Sunday I will post more….gotta hit the send button to finally make it a Sunday post !!



P.S.…..All the links to these wonderful cases and other SAL items can be found here

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  1. Wow, great sewingcases, but the owl is the hit :o)