Thursday, October 25, 2012

Don't you hate it .....

When you wake up at 3:00 in the morning and can't sleep!!!
I have been tossing & turning for the last what else could I do share my misery with you!

If the legend is true...whoever is dreaming about me...please stop!! I need to sleep!!

I can't believe I am laying bed...blogging!!
Times sure have changed since iPad's were invented.
In the old days I would of got up...made myself a glass of milk & cookies and looked what movie was on TV......nowadays ...I lay here surfing the net, reading blogs and gathering new wonder I can't sleep!!

Second thought...maybe I will get that glass of milk & cookies...they can't hurt!!

Hope your having sweet dreams!!!
Sleepless in Weiterstadt !!

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  1. Oh my deasr Liz,
    that does not soudnd nice! I also hate it, when I awake in middle of the night and can't sleep anymore....
    Well, I did not dream at all last night ( weel, can't remember LOL), so it was not me who woke you up ;O)
    I keep my fingers crossed, that you will have a good day and a much better night tonight!

    Good Idea on the Comic.... you should make a Sheepdress for your Hubby LOL....But, if he jumpes across your bed, i do not know, if you then will sleep LOL !!!

    Have a good day,

  2. Oh yes, I do hate that !!! Don't know whether I dreamt of you - last night, I slept ;-))
    Here's to a restful sleep next night, hugs, Frauke

  3. You come up with pretty good ideas at night when you can´t sleep.... starfish.....Hope I won´t dream about you anytime soon. I wish you a good night tonight!

  4. you are too funny Liz, Man I need to get an IPAD. BTW take a nap today you are going to be tired.



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