Friday, October 12, 2012

Finish Friday……

I wish I could say I got all kinds of sewing done this week and I have tons of cool things to show you… but unfortunately that's not the case….instead….

I have been on a beading kick this week and this is what I made so far….

This is called Filled Square & is a design by Sabine Lippert

Filled Square

Filled Square 2

Then I made this pendant from Sabine’s book “Beaded Fantasies” …but I am not happy with it …it needs something ?? So I will be taking it apart  & redoing it with other beads.

3 CROSSESWhy am I showing you it then  …to show you that sometimes even I don’t like the outcome of my work…that I do redo things …sometime a few times ! Sometimes I toss it into the corner never to be seen again!

I also made up this bracelet…its called Waves. Its by Natascha Kralen . This actually looks much nicer in person and is very comfortable to wear.Waves1

Waves 2

On a sewing topic…I did manage to sew the first basket for the prize baskets for the Sewing Room SewAlong….here’s a sneak preview….now I just have to fill it with some goodies….


Now I am off to do a bit more beading……




  1. You are so talented. Love your beading and the fabric basket is adorable.

  2. Liz, your beading is spectular. WOW you are a pro (even if you don't like it and throw it in a corner) lol
    hugs Susan



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