Friday, October 26, 2012

Finish Friday…..

Have you ever made something…thought you had thought it all through and then when you were done you hated  it…well that happened to me this week…

I was designing a cover for my 7” tablet…I wanted it to be like a book cover…so I thought I would be very clever so I used a thick iron Pellon ( Schabrackenvlies).

Have you ever tried to turn something right side out with this Pellon in it…it was like trying to turn a piece of board…so much for my clever idea…

I remade the cover using thick iron-on batting instead…it worked much better the second time !

tablet cover

tablet cover 2

Since I saw Bente’s adorable Thimble holder I had to make one just like it…after all I still had a piece of fabric left over ….

Thimble case 3

Thimble case 4

Thanks Bente for inspiring me…I made mine 2” wide….I think its adorable!!

I think the worst thing I sewed this week was the 8 meter of piping…what boring work !! Hope it looks good in the project I have planned for it…I’ll keep you posted !


What did you make this week ????




  1. ke beautiful things. And you also make me laugh.. Me I am still on a crocheting thing. Making doilies. Will hae to post some more that i made.

  2. Hi Liz,
    nice things again :O)))
    What I did at the weekend? Knitting ;O)))))
    Have a lovely new week,



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