Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SewingRoom SewAlong Prizes…..

Normally you show the prize before you start something but since I never though anyone would actually SewAlong with me …I hadn’t given it much thought…actually I thought there might be a couple and then I would pick a prize to suit them.

BUT…to my pleasant surprise, I have had the pleasure of a lot of wonderful SewAlong’ers!!

After a lot of thought…I finally decided on a prize …I made this basket and filled it with some of my favorite things….

SAL Prize pink

In the fabric basket you will get…..12 charms …….

SAL charms

2 tattling pins …one wrapped with antique lace ….

SAL lace pins

and a pair of pink butterfly embroidery scissors….

SAL Scissors

Incase Pink isn't your color…I also made some in Red ! ( My favorite color)

SAL Prize red

with red butterfly scissors…..

SAl Scissors red

………………you get to choose.

I have made up 5 baskets…why 5 …because I had said if anyone managed to sewing every months project on time …through the whole SewAlong they would automatically win a prize ( their name didn’t have to go in the hat…they win!)

I never dreamed anyone would actually do it …to my pleasant surprise… so far there are 4 of you that have made every project on time !!! ….Sigrid, Klaudia, Gitta & Susan …thank you for hanging in there so long !!!!….as long as you make next month project…..you will automatically win one of these baskets…you get to pick pink or red ! So I hope you hang in there a bit longer !

SAL prizes 5

For everyone else……every time you you finished a project , your name went into the hat…..and on Dec 1 I will pull a name and  you will also win a basket….you can pick pink or red ??

So if you wish to have a chance to win one of these filled baskets…keep sewing….the more you sew….. the higher your chances. …off to your machines ladies !!

SAl red

SAL pink prize

Be sure to send me your finished pictures so a can put you name in the hat….

Happy Sewing !!



  1. What a lovely Idea, dear Liz!
    Your Sewing Along Ladies will be very pleased!
    Have a happy day,

  2. Liebe Liz,

    welch eine liebe Idee von dir...so liebevolle Dinge hast du ausgesucht.
    Herzlich danken möchte ich dir, für die monatlichen "SewingRoom SewAlong" Aufgaben, ohne sie hätte ich vieles von dem, wohl nie genäht;-)!Durch deinen Aufruf zum Mitmachen, konnte ich mein Nähzimmer, mit schönen Dingen bereichern. DANKE!

    Liebe Grüße Klaudia

  3. Liebe Liz,
    Deine Baskets sind wundervoll, sehr liebevoll zusammengestellt -
    liebe Grüße

  4. Dear Liz,
    yummie, yummie, what a really great prize. I had (and have still) so much fun with your sewing room, and yesterday I decorated my new Sewing Room with all the lovely projects I was able to make, because of your great idea. Thanks a lot dear Liz. And what are we going to make in 2013 :-))))))) ?

  5. I'ld LOVE to win a pink basket ;-)
    greetings from Bavaria to you
    Brigitte Baierl
    met you in Mönchengladbach



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