Monday, October 22, 2012

Showcase Sunday…. & ….Oma ….

Sorry that todays post is so late in the day…Yesterday was “Oma”s 103rd Birthday ( no its not a typo…103 !!! ) and I needed time to recover from the celebrations! Actually the family just left and this is the first chance I could write…..

Here is Oma…chatting away with a few of the “younger” relatives ! She truly is amazing!

Happy 103rd Birthday Oma !

Geburtstag Oma 103

I was happy that today I become pictures of your finished Thimble cases…..

Ulla made this pretty one…she used S80 for the Pellon part ( since we don’t have Pellon here )…I’m gonna have make one…looks great.

Ulla Fingerhutbox3

Ulla Fingerhutbox1

Judith was very productive…she made a small one for her thimble and a larger one for thread…it looks like she crocheted / tatted the fronts…very clever!

Judith 1

Judith 3


That’s all the Thimble cases for this Sunday…I hope to have more to show you next Sunday…its the last week before the next project!

Off to your machines ladies!!




  1. Liebe Liz! Was für eine wunderbare Oma! Auch von mir die besten Glückwünsche. Möge sie noch so fidel bleiben. Ich finde es super, dass Du hier von ihr berichtest. Lassen wir die alte Dame hochleben!
    Herzlichst Sabine

  2. Good morning Liz!

    Oh hoe great is that! Happy Birthday to Oma :O)))) I hope and wish, that she still will have a wonderful time and keep as fit as she still is in her live.
    Thanks for telling us about this lovely Lady :O)
    A big BirthdayHug for her :O)))

    Have a laovely new week,
    bug hugs for you,

  3. Liebe Liz,, welch ein erstaunliches Alter ...ich gratuliere deiner Oma ganz herzlichst. Sie sieht so glücklich und zufrieden aus.

    Die Fingerhut Boxen sehen alle toll aud....die gehäkelte Variante gefällt mir auch gut!

    Schöne neue Woche..
    LG Klaudia

  4. That's an amazing age to reach. Happy Birthday Oma and may she have many more.
    Very pretty thimble keepers.

  5. The thimble case and thread holder are both covered in needlelace Liz, not crochet or tatting. Judith x