Friday, November 9, 2012

I LOVE ….the internet!!!

not just because it gives me the chance to do online shopping without leaving the comfort of my home….it also gives me the chance to meet wonderful, generous people… of them happens to be “Claudia”  !

Claudia isn't a patchworker…she is a knitter but for some strange reason she started reading my blog….why is this strange you ask…well I don’t knit ! I know nothing about knitting except that you use long sticks & wool …I have tried it but I must have two left hands. I find it interesting that a knitter would read my blog…she must like my babble ??

Whatever the reason that made her pop into my world I am glad she did…we started to become friends…and when I posted about those lovely Wrist warmers…she offer to knit them for me… I am blond but I am no fool…I jumped at the offer!! 


Not only did she send me the wrist warmers…she also sent some of homemade jam …I can tell you it is delicious ( as you can see from the half empty Pumpkin-Mango one….I move Mangos!)

From Claudia

I had said I would like them in black…this way I can wear them with most of my coats.

wrist warmers

I wish you could feel how soft these are…she used Merino Wool. I know nothing about wools but its like being wrapped in angel wings! Heaven!!!

hand 2

Thank you Claudia for the lovely wrist warmers!!!….I love the internet !!!



P.S: Yes I am wearing them as I write this ! And Yes, I did paint my nails especially for the pictures !


  1. Dear Liz,

    The hand warmers from Claudia are so great, they would also like me;-) ... and see your nail polish too ....
    Wow, and specially for the photo you've painted it .... great ;-)!


  2. LOl when I saw the first picture i thought This gave liz a chance to get her nails done.. lol You could be a hand model :) the wrist warmers are lovely. yes the internet is great and you do make friends

  3. Being a knitter I can tell you that these are lovely and that merino wool is the softest (no itch) wool there is and it's not a cheap wool, oh no. Claudia must really like you for you to receive such wonderful gifts. Lucky you.

  4. My dear Liz ...........
    I do not have any words right now.........
    I just say THANK YOU so muc for this lovely post!
    THANK YOU for becoming friends.......
    THANK YOU for all our nice chats......
    THANK YOU that I found you in the Internet :O))))
    Have a lovely evening,
    Lots of Big hugs,
    Claudia :O))))

  5. What a kind thing of Claudia to do. They are beautiful. Love how you matched your nail polish with your ring.

  6. What a sweet friend to knit you such a beautiful gift! I knit, but not like THAT! I buy those kinds of knittings! Your nails and ring and hands are beautiful! Does Claudia sell those? I purchased
    some that are fingerless so I can play the guitar on Christmas Eve when we go Caroling!
    I am sure you will enjoy those for many winters to come!

  7. Blogging friends are special and Claudia seems to be especially nice.

  8. You lucky duck !! your wristwarmers look very comfy and beautiful!