Thursday, November 15, 2012

They tell me …Christmas is coming….

everywhere I look …Christmas things are popping up.

The stores are filled with cookies & sweets…


…the mailbox is filled with sale flyers ….


…I even gave my blog a Christmas makeover….

Then why don’t I feel Christmassy yet ??

I hope I’m not turning into Scrooge! ?? After all that's my Hubbys job!

Someone please send me the Christmas spirit !! …or some Eggnog or Rumballs might help ??!!

Have you gotten the Christmas spirit yet ?? Or is it too early ??




  1. My Christmas spirit is coming one day at a time! I am immersed in Christmas sewing and quilting projects with self-imposed deadlines. Your beautiful Christmas facelift on your blog is inspiring! Thank you!

  2. TOO EARLY!!!!!

    I don't start Christmas shopping til December and decs go up at most two weeks before, ideally the week before.

    Although saying that, if it wasn't for my husband we wouldn't have any decs up, as soon as I put them up I can't wait to take them down the dastardly dust catchers!

  3. My dear Liz,
    your new Blogstyle looks wonderful,Christmas-Wonderland....I love it!
    I do not feel like Christmas yet....too early!
    I think, at the beginning of december it will come :O))) Or, 1. of Advent, when I have my advent wrreath and got the decorations out :O)
    Eggnog and Rumballs would help,yes, for sure :O)))
    When I have got the Spirit ofd Christmas, I let you know :O))

    Have a wonderful day,
    sending Big hugs,

  4. Love your new look blog. So festive. I'm into the Christmas spirit already with some Christmas projects completed. I'm making some felt Christmas trees today with more Christmas decorations to come.

  5. Liebe Liz,

    wundervoll hast du deinen Blog gefällt mir sehr!Weihnachststimmung ist bei mir auch noch nicht aufgekommen! Vielleicht sollte ich Plätzchen backen, damit das Haus schön nach tollen Gewürzen riecht;-) ?

    Hab ein schönes Wochenende...

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I am in line to get some Christmas spirit myself. I do like the look of your blog, very festive.



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