Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It’s starting to smell….

……like Christmas !

I wasn’t going to do it but I did …Hubby & I baked cookies today !

Not your traditional Christmas cookies that I normally do ( like Vanilla Kipferl, Thumbprint, Cutout, etc.)…I had decided this year not to bake those ( they are time intensive and I can't stand in the kitchen so long) …instead we were going to buy a few from our bakery. ( saves my knees )

But…this morning my Hubby brought up my Chocolate Chip cookies…big mistake !!!

Have you ever tried to get the taste of cookies out of your head…I couldn’t either…so we baked our favorite chocolate / walnut cookies…….

choco cookies

…then my favorite…. Oatmeal cookies ( with raisins & walnuts…yummy!)


My Hubby loves Choco Crossies…( super easy ) so being the great wife that I am …we made them for him too !


If your in the neighborhood…stop by for a coffee & cookies….

plate cookies

My waistline will thank you …as will my belly…I have a belly ache from eating to many today !

The funny thing is I never bake these cookies during the year…just at Christmas time ….  What are your favorite Christmas cookies ???




  1. Hmm sounds good, all of them - except that they have nuts in the dough - I am allergic against all nuts (human nuts and plant nuts)
    But I have a great super easy and fast receipt for "Berliner Brot" hmmmm
    The taste is close to Lebkuchen (Gingerbread?) or chocolate cookies but not exactly... (a bit like a mix of both)
    Best regards!

  2. Good morning Liz,
    THAT'S why I could smell cookies xesterday all day baked! Oh, the look sooooo YUMMY!!!!!
    What a shame, I am not living in your neighbourhood :O( .....
    I LOVE Chocolate Chips and Oatmeal Cookies!!!
    Have a wonderful day,
    big hugs

  3. Hi Liz,
    like Linda I love Berliner Brot, but I´ve never baked it. Sometimes I bake Kipferl, but I think it´s ok to buy cookies. When I buy them, the baker get´s money so his wife can buy fabric and yarn ;-))

  4. Liz, they look delicious.. Oatmeal is my favorite. But with age I have cut back on my baking as well. I only make Hungarian apricot kiffles an old receipe my mother in law gave me. The dough is butter and cream cheese. Melts in your mouth. But Liz my cookies don't have any calories that is what my mother in law used to say.. hahahahaha

  5. I can almost smell your cookies here in the Netherlands, they really look yummie!!!

  6. uhmm, sie sehen so lecker aus, das kommt doch Weihnachtsstimmung auf ☺
    Liebe Grüße

  7. They all look absolutely delicious. I daren't bake cookies often otherwise I'll eat them. I would love to sample one of your oatmeal raisin cookies. Mmmmmmmmmmm

    Happy Christmas!