Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Holidays are over…..

all of our guests have left…the house is empty & quiet but I can't say I'm sad !

The holidays were lovely but it will be good to get back to a bit of normality…at least in the eating & drinking department ! From all the festivities my jeans are tight…the stretch in them is “ stretched out ” !! Don’t you just love the holidays??

The good part of the holidays is the gifts…everyone loves getting gifts …me too!

Look at a few of the lovely things I got from friends….

Susan sent me all kind of goodies…even a pink doily for my sewing room…

from Susan

Since she knows I can't Knit or Crochet …she crochet me these little flowers to attach to things…love them!

susan 2

Look at these tiny stick pins …she crochet flowers around them too…adorable !

susan 1

and a Christmas doily ..and one with a CD in it …she said its a Candle Mat but I use it for a Mug rug !

xmas doily

mug doiley

Liz B in England (NB), every year sends me a little ornament…I always look forward to getting it …this year she made these beautiful Swarovski Crystal trees

from Liz B 1

….it is to pretty to just hang on the tree…I have to figure out how I can put it on a chain & wear it….beautiful!

from Liz B

Claudia surprised me with a wonderful package….filled with teas, cookies and her own homemade jam ( yummy)

from Claudia

but best of all I was thrilled to get this beautiful candleholder made by her Hubby (Holzwurm) ….it is truly beautifully made.

from Claudia1

Doerte was so sweet and also sent me a fun filled package

from Dörte

…I can't wait to sew the Housewife pattern.

Also I’d like to thank everyone that sent me a ( real)  card …we don’t seem to get many of them anymore…but I still love to hang them…especially thanks to Klaudia & Sigrid ( SAL Girls )


Speaking of the SAL …in the next couple of days, I will be announcing the subject of 2013 SewAlong ! Yes, I will be torturing you one more year !

Hope you all had a lovely holiday and survived !! If not there's always next year…only 360 more days ! Do you think it is to early to start sewing ??




  1. You are so lucky to have received such pretty presents. Really looking forward to the sew along. I came in towards the end on the last one.

    Have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR

  2. Dear Liz,
    I´m looking foreward to the next torture and I hope it´s not too hard...
    I wish you and your family a wonderful and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013.

  3. You should hang your crystal tree in a window so that when the sun shines you get all the pretty sparkles around the room! xx

    p.s. Merry Christmas :)

  4. Dear Liz,
    what a lovely post about all the wonderful gifts you got! ;O)

    Well, I am thinking about sewing for next Christmas alreday ...LOL, not really, but next year I want to start earlier ;O)

    Have a wonderful evening, a nice day tomorrwo and a wonderful and good start into a good and healthy New Year!

    Big hugs



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