Sunday, December 30, 2012

The year is almost over….

…. as I was going through my pictures to make a collage of all the things I had made this year I discovered I hadn't blogged about a couple of them ( Christmas stress & Flu got in the way )

First off….I had the pleasure of testing a purse pattern for Erin at Dog Under My Desk …its called the Daytripper and it was fun & easy to sew ! Since I couldn’t wait to try out the pattern, I used this crazy black & white fabric ( from Ikea) …and I love how it turned out.

Daytripper 1

This is a big purse ( 16” wide x 10” high x 4” deep, with an adjustable strap)

…it fits your Ipad, 13” Maxbook Air…and more!

Daytripper 3

Daytripper 2

It has a cool big pocket on the back….( this is a bad picture but I am to lazy to get the bag and make a new one)

Daytripper 4

I added a bit of red piping ( wasn’t in the instructions but since I love red I had to add a touch)

Daytripper 6 piping

Daytripper 5

This purse was easy to sew, the instructions were very well written with TONS of pictures …I definitely will make it again …maybe I will try and make it smaller like Erin did ?

The other bag I finished is called  “Bow Tuck Bag “. I just couldn’t resist making it in this crazy Matryoshka fabric…and lots of pink! Call it a “ kooky” moment !

Bow Tuck 1

I quilted the fabric…..

Bow Tuck 5

…here’s the Bow Tuck part ….undo the sides and you have a big tote!

Bow Tuck 2

I bought this crazy hot pink fabric a 100 years ago at Ikea…finally the perfect spot to use it !

Bow Tuck 3

Bow Tuck 4

Normally my Hubby’s family doesn't exchange gifts ( their Scrooges) but I always have to give a little something…this year I made book covers for the cousins. ( kids got toys & adults got real books )

Book For Elke

This one was for Elke..she likes Greens & browns….

Book for Iris

Iris likes black & fashion….I machine embroidered the design…

Book for Maria

Maria is the romantic type & loves roses.

They loved the book covers and promised to use them since they can replace the inner notebook ( I used my own tutorial )

Now I can work on my collages… tomorrow I will show you all my finishes for 2012 …



  1. Liebe Liz,

    die Taschen sind sooo schön geworden...und die Buchhüllen sind bezaubernd schön....

    Nun wünsche ich Dir und Deinen Lieben, von Herzen alles Gute , viel Glück und vor allem Gesundheit, im kommenden Jahr 2013.
    Möge es uns auch viele kreative Ideen bringen...ich freue mich auf ein neues Jahr, hier in der Bloggerwelt!

    Liebe Grüße Klaudia

  2. Love the bookcovers, the bags are wonderful. I do remember the pink IKEA fabric, got to use a piece at a retreat that was given to me. Your bags always come out so great. I love looking at your blog.

  3. Liebe Liz,

    deine Taschen und die Büchhüllen sind wunderschön. Mir fehlt leider immer noch die Zeit um mich in der Bloggerwelt ausgiebig rumzutreiben ;-))
    Ich wünsche dir ein frohes, gesundes und erfolgreiches Neues Jahr,
    alles Liebe

  4. I wish You a happy new year and oceans of time to sew :-)

  5. Hallo Liz, Du hast wunderbare Buchhüllen genäht, die Kombination aus Stickerei, Stoff und Knöpfen gefällt mir sehr gut!
    Dir alles Gute im Neuen Jahr!

  6. Dear Liz,

    lovely bags and wonderful book covers! Made with so much Love :O))

    Wishing you a wonderful Happy and healthy New Year, with lots of bautiful Moments, time for your hobbies and another wonderful year of friendship and lots of new creative sewings :O)

    Big hugs to you, your Hubby and Max :O)
    Claudia + Holzwurm ;O)))

  7. Dear Liz, you have sewed great things, I am a bit jealous (a tiny bit...) because I have so many things on my to-do-list (and it grows that fast...) but I can not find a start... (lazy me...)
    I want to leave my wishes for a fantastic happy and healthy New Year 2013!
    Best regards!