Monday, January 7, 2013

Home Sweet Home–Create Along -Jan-Mar

I am thrilled that everyone is excited about this years project…I am sure we will make beautiful things together !
I are starting with our Living room / Dining room because every year after the Christmas decorations are put away, our house always looks sooooo sad & colorless … I need something new!
As I was searching for ideas I was “overwhelmed” with the possibilities ..they are endless !
I decided to start with some of the basic “decorating ideas “  …Pillows, Pictures, Quilts, Tablerunners, Coasters & Deco items. …we can all use these.
Pillows are always a great picker upper…I like to change the covers on our pillows for the holidays /seasons / my mood….here are some that I found were different.
* click on the words below the pictures, it will take you to the link*
Pillows ideas
Decorate your walls with new self-made pictures or a new layout….
Pictures ideas
  1. Make a your own
Quilts are always lovely on a couch but I don’t think anyone plans on making one of them this year…I am hoping to finish a few though !
Couch quilt done on couch

How about something easier…a Tablerunner…aren't these interesting …of course you can make a quilted one, a simple one or a seasonal oneTablecloth ideas
  1. No idea who made it but I like it.
Don’t need a table runner…how about a few fun coasters??
Coaster Ideas
  1. Coffee mugs

No home would be complete without some Decoration items…here the possibilities truly are endless. Here are a few things that I thought were cute or different.

These ideas should get your create juices flowing…maybe you have some of your own ?? Or are you looking for something ??
You don't have to make these….these are only ideas…you are free to make whatever you like …Livingroom / Diningroom is the subject .
Can't wait to see the first pictures ! I will set up an extra post at the beginning of every month where you can linkup your finished pictures.
Have fun creating!
P.S. As I find more interesting ideas I will post them…


  1. Danke, für das schöne Thema
    wenn Du magst hier
    habe ich eine Anleitung für einen Tablerunner
    lg aus Köln

  2. Von mir auch vielen Dank.
    Bei mir auf dem Blog gibt es auch Anleitungen
    Also dann nichts wie ran ans Werkeln
    Grüße Eva

  3. Hi Liz,
    Das sind tolle Ideen! Ich glaube, ich werde mal an einem Kissen arbeiten :)

  4. Liebe Liz,

    vielen Dank für die tollen Links, da werde ich demnächst mal ausgiebig stöbern, die Kissen sprechen mich auch am meisten an ;-))

    liebe Grüße

  5. Oh yes ... new pillows for our couch ... would make our living room a lot nicer ...

  6. waouw, so many beautiful ideas. Don't know where to start. Angelika "told us" to drop by. What a good idea. You have got a new follower :-). And thank you for writting in english, my german is horrible.:-D

  7. Thanks so much for sharing my 20 minute burlap table's still one of my favorite sewing projects so far!



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