Friday, March 15, 2013

Another bag....

I guess you wouldn't be surprised to hear that I finished another bag ...surprise, surprise !

I had the pleasure of testing another pattern for Sara at Sew Sweetness. The bag is called Petrillo reminded me of a backpack but its not. It is big 12" X 15 1/2" you can carry a laptop in it if you want or patchwork books & fabric.

I thought it would be perfect to carry supplies for a sewing weekend.
I used the same fabric that I had used on the Sewing case for my sewing machine ....wanted it to be a  set.

I find the curved sides interesting....


...a gathered flap ....

...the pattern uses invisible sew-in magnets but since I couldn't get any quick enough, so I decided to use velcro instead great

....big padded inner pocket

I even free machine quilted the fabric  ( Solrun by Ikea) & Floor cloths from Lidl

Be sure to check put the other versions of this bag...I bet you can guess which one I like ....could it be the one with polka dots!?



  1. wow, die Tasche ist wirklich toll, die hast du richtig gut gemacht!

  2. Such a beautiful bag Liz. I love the fabric you used and like the inside pocket too, it's different to the normal pockets.

  3. Hi Liz,
    another wonderful Bag you amde! You are so busy! I hope this week I will find time to do a bag too!
    Have a happy new week!
    Big hugs



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