Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring ??

Today was the first day of Spring!
Wish I could tell you the sun was shining & the birds were singing ...instead it rained all day ( true Spring weather least it didn't snow !!

On the bright side...Spring is officially here...whether Mother Nature knows it is another question !

To get you in the Springy are some more Easter decorations .... are some carrots for the rabbits .....
 ....I bought one of those inexpensive Felt Placemats you find at the $1 stores ( TiDi or Kik) I used my Wavy Rotary blade to cut the orange strips and followed Positively Splendid instructions

To make the day perfect...I received an adorable Bunny from Gitta
Thank you !!

I thought this was a little felt bunny...its big 10" tall ...imagine my surprise !
I'm gonna try and make him a little friend.

I love his little stub tail !

Hope you had a lovely first day of spring ??
Sunny days will come...everyone keeps telling me that and not everyone can be wrong !?



  1. Good morning Liz,
    wonderful easter decoration!
    This little felt bunny is so sweet!
    My first spring day was filled with rain and snow.... not amused!!!

    have a lovely day,
    big hugs to you,

  2. Spring *falls on the floor laughing*

    It's the most miserable weather here today, has been all week! Still holding out for a hot summer though :)



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