Monday, April 15, 2013

Summer ???

Its amazing, we go from one extreme to another ...I think we have skipped Spring and gone right into is  22° degrees again  !
Gotta love this weather !!

Since the sun is shining,  I figured it was the perfect time to take a picture of the quilt top I made at the sewing weekend. ...the pattern is called .... Summer in the Beach ...I'll be calling it Summer in the Garden, its going to be my garden nap quilt ! It is approx 150 cm X 200 cm ...perfect nap size !

 Don't these colors just scream ...Happy Summer !

Remember this Jelly Roll I bought....well I used it ...and then I cut  44  (2.5" Strips) from Oma's White on White ( Damast) bed linen.
I love the old bed linens...and its a great way to recycle ( besides I was to cheap to buy a White Jelly roll ! )

Now comes the hard part...deciding how to Machine quilt it ??
Any ideas ??
Remember, that I don't have a longarm quilting machine so no crazy fancy overall ideas please !
I was thinking maybe stitching 1/4" inside the white areas and maybe a little flowery design inside the small white squares ??
Something simple and not to much quilting so that the quilt stays soft .....I always hate this part.....decisions !
All suggestions are welcome !!

Incase you would like to make your own Summer in the Beach ( Garden ) quilt ....

I found the pattern at  England Street Quilts can download it for free here !
Here's a video by Missori Star Quilt Co. 

Now back to my spot is calling my name !



  1. Hallo Liz, ich bin ein schlechter Quilter, ich kann immer bloß gerade Linien... aber ich denke, dass es gut wäre, wenn das Muster gleichmäßig verteilt ist. Also nicht das Weiße anders als das Bunte.

  2. Hallo Liz,

    dein Quilttop sieht toll schöne Farben und Stoffe sind es ...Bin gespannt, wie du es quilten wirst.

    Liebe Grüße Klaudia

  3. *stomps foot again* Grr! I'm still very jealous!!

    This quilt is gorgeous, I know someone who has a long arm machine, you'll be disappointed though ;)

  4. Wunderschön! Und war es so schlimm - die erste (Y)elly-Roll? Ich denke, so ein Quilt macht Lust auf mehr.....

    Liebe Grüße


  5. Was für ein schöner Quilt! Ganz egal wie Du ihn quiltest es wird ihn noch schöner machen.
    Danke auch für die links, ich geh gleich mal das Video anschauen.

  6. That is gorgeous. I'm amazed you got so much done at your retreat. I'd have been too busy talking to get anything done. Thanks for the link

  7. Küsschen liebe Liz für diesen wunderbaren Link! Wenn das kein toller Sommer wird mit diesem bezaubernden Quilt.
    Es reizt mich wirklich, den auch zu nähen.
    Liebe Grüße von Sabine

  8. This looks gorgeous Liz! I really must make myself a quilt one of these days....problem is I am scared I will get HOOKED on making them, hence not get any work done on my bag patterns! LOLL Christine
    - ChrisW Designs

  9. What a wonderful Quilt, my Dear!
    Good idea with GrandMa's Linon :O)
    Have a happy Day in the garden, Liz!
    Big hugs

  10. Liebe Liz,
    was für ein schönes, frühlingsfrisches TOP. Gefällt mir sehr gut und passt prima in den Garten. Quilten, wie? Na, da fragst du die Richtige ;-)

  11. Was für eine tolle Decke!
    Du wirst ihn schon richtig quilten,da bin ich mir ganz sicher!



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