Friday, June 7, 2013

I warned you....

that I would be making another Susie pouch.....

I go this idea that I would love the pouch for my toiletries for when I go away  ( one day I have to go on vacation or ??)

I had bought this tablecloth fabric a while ago ( last year) to try and make a makeup pouch with it....finally I used it...

...and turned it into this ....

 ...inside , once again with lots of pockets

I had cut the outside & box pleat pieces 3" x 8", the top piece 3" x 12 ". I used no batting ...the vinyl plastic stands up on its own.
This made a BIG pouch 8" x 10" ....perfect for all the toiletries for a sewing weekend !

Now I have to look for red polka dot know I need one in red now !

P.S: The vinyl I bought at my local Home improvement center ..the kind you get off the roll by the yard. ( don't buy the super thin stuff I am sure it would rip !)


  1. No, NOW you need to go on holiday :D

  2. WOW...this puch is GEORGEOUS!
    Summerfeeling, yes :O)))
    Have a lovely weekend,
    big hugs

  3. What a cute bag and a great idea to use the vinyl. I might have to find this pattern and make myself one or two ;)

    Robin in Washington State
    assweetaspeaches hotmail

  4. Liebe Liz,

    das Täschchen schaut ganz bezaubernd aus...schöne Farben hast du gewählt!

    LG Klaudia

  5. hallo liz,
    vielen dank für deinen besuch bei mir und deine netten worte.
    gerne mach ich dor so ein büchlein. brauchst mir nur zu mailen.
    die stempel habe ich von versch. shops. kann dir mal nach den marken nachsehen, wenn du willst.
    bin auch sehr gerne heir, denn du bist eine tolle nähkünstlerin!
    melde mich gleich als verfolger an....
    alles liebe

  6. I love it! so bright and cheerful!

    I have started using PLC fabric I found at Joanns. It is waterproof or water resistant fabric. Very easy to sew. Cloth on one side, the other is vinyl I think. Comes in cute colors and patterns. Our Joanns has it in the "baby" department in bolts and packages. They promote it for leakproof diaper covers and bibs. You might want to check it out. I love it for the inside of my makeup bags.

  7. Perfekt gestylt!!! Eine gute Idee, Innentaschen zu nähen.
    Liebe Grüße

  8. This is adorable! Since your last Susie posting,I have cut out fabric to make 4 pouches! Ready to sew tomorrow...but I can't figure out how you added the little pockets. Could you share your technique?

  9. Hi Liz? How can you sew with your knee??? Shouldn't you relax and lay decorative on the sofa with your knee???
    I have cut fabrics for that bag, too, but they are lying around and waiting - I have no joy for sewing at the moment. But I have seen your Idee about the inside splitting :-) - and I will copy it :-D
    Have a nice weekend!

  10. Traumhaft schön ist deine Tasche geworden!!!
    Wo hast du den tollen Stoff her????



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