Friday, July 26, 2013


has arrived full force and with it a heatwave !
Due to the warm  (extremely Hot) temperatures, I took a unplanned break from is to hot to think ...needless to say write !

On Sunday we are taking off for a few days on the water, ( Max & I need to swim)  so I figured I should at least pop in and say Hi!

Hi !

Actually I have been wanting to share some summer pictures with you ( but once again due to the heat I was to lazy to write !)

One of my favorite things of the summer are Strawberries ! Have you every had Strawberries & Noodles...yummy !

Last fall I was lucky enough to do a trade with Katrin and I got these adorable strawberries from her and the little strawberry boy. ( have you seen her Coffee Bag pillows??....I think I have to bribe her again ! LOL)
All winter I couldn't wait to put them out and once June came they have been on our coffee table ever since...aren't they just adorable ??

I don't knit or crochet so I appreciate them even more.
But I do I made these tiny strawberries....the perfect necklace for summer ! ( its an old pattern by Perles4u ) I just have to make a couple of earrings to match.

I have them in my hand so you can see how small they are ...  each strawberry is 1/2" x 3/4" ( 1cm x 2cm) ...tiny !

Thats all the strawberries I have for today...actually there are some fresh ones in the kitchen but they are going on top off my ice cream  ! A girl has to keep cool in the heatwave !


P.S. Of course i have a bag to show you but I can't find my camera...does anyone know where i put it ???


  1. Hi Liz,

    yes, it is tooooooooo hot ...LOL ...
    I am melting.....
    Your strawberrys are wonderful ,specially the tiny ones!
    I never had Strawberrys with noodles... should try ;O)

    Have a happy weekend, and a wonderful time on the water :O)
    Good swim for you and Max ;O)

    Sending Love and hugs,

  2. Hurrah for summer!!! I washed my new reindeer t shirt yesterday and thought of you. This year I'll be the anti scrooge...I'm ready!

  3. Your beaded strawberries are adorable as are the crochet ones but strawberries with noodles!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think so. LOLL. Watch the waistline if you're going for a swim, send the ice cream to me instead. Have fun.

  4. Hallo Liz,
    Deine Erdbeerdeko gefällt mir gut, und die geperlten Beerchen sind ja sowas von schön!

  5. Hi Liz, first of all: enjoy your time in / at the water and enjoy swimming!
    Than I have to say that i love your strawberries! They are that cute! So you don't need little Elfie anymore? (hihihi)
    You must be a sister in mind with my mom - she also eats things like strawberries and noodles, but for her the top of haute cuisine (is that right spelling?) is noodles with plums, breadcrumbs and a bit sugar (or cinnamon sugar). All I have to say is : bäääääähhhhhhh....
    So, again, have a great time and enjoy the summer :-)
    I will remind you about your above comic by time (lucky you are too far from me so I will not slap you :-) )
    Hug you!

  6. Oh, yesterday I forgot to send you that link:
    there ist a great strawberry freebie (it's an embroidery file for machines)
    Have a nice (and at leas here very hot!) summer sunday!

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  8. I know that it's more than 2 years, but I just found this article. The strawberries are beautiful, but I can't find the pattern on Perles4U: can you directly link it for me? Thank you. My email is fabuland (at) . :)



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