Friday, November 15, 2013

Winter definitely ....

is coming !

The days are shorter, all I want to do is sleep all day, it is getting COLD outside ( had to dig out the winter coat & mitts), even had frost the other that means no more putting off winterizing the garden ( I had started but like all fun things I stopped half way through)

We finally put the last pots, planters & furniture in the shed.... Hubby is having his winter tires put on today...the show shovel is placed up front and ready for the first snowfall ( it always comes sooner then I am ready for) ....This year I am as ready as I will get...

Amazingly some of my flowers were still blooming is the last of my flowers....
 I put them in 3 vases and spread the last "summer" feeling around the house....
I have to admit it is weird having summer flowers among the Fall decorations...guess I could pack away the fall stuff and start decorating of Christmas....nahhh!!!
Can you believe only 5 weeks till Christmas...maybe I will play Scrooge this year and say...Bah Humbug !! I haven't gotten that warm fuzzy Christmas feeling yet...have you ???


P.S: Maybe if I take a nap the Christmasy feeling will come ? 
Its worth a try! 


  1. I haven't go that Christmassy feeling yet either but no doubt it will come when I see people on their blogs getting ready. I bet you don't get any snow now that you're prepared for it. LOLLL
    Love your flowers.

  2. Oh dear, I think we've maybe swapped...I'm already feeling the Christmas love and I'm trying to hold myself back from decorating and shopping...I've even got a rudolph T shirt with a glittery nose!!

  3. Die letzen Blumen aus Deinem Garten sind wunderschön, und ja, wir bereiten uns jetzt besser auf den Winter vor, lang kanns nicht mehr dauern.

  4. Good morning Liz,
    WOW .......your flowers from the garden look wondeful! Just liek beginning Springtime, not Christmas and Winter coming....
    I can undterstand you, I do not have any Christmas feelings yet too ....
    And a nap did not help me... how about you?
    Happy weekend to you,
    Claudia :O)



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