Sunday, December 29, 2013


it is good to give ...but it is also "really" nice to receive!!!

Here are some of the gifts I was lucky to receive!

My friend Doerte sent me this cute christmas envelope filled with chocolates (I gotta see if I can find the embroidery pattern to make some for next year), pretty ribbons & a rubber stamp.
My friend Liz B from England sent me this hand made crystal ornament.
My dear blogging buddy Claudia sent me these sweets...Hubby & I love her jams.
 From my father-in-law I got favorite !
From my father-in-laws girlfriend Maria, I got this wooden Star for the garden and this interesting book on Origami...I will have to give it a try.
 From our Cousin Iris I got this beautiful Villeroy & Boch  Cupcake Trinket box!
 From my dear friend Gaby I got this cool brown fabric ( guess what I will make with it ?) handmade soap, a lovely glass ornament and these super cool dragon, cat & human eyes.
 We are in the same beading group and when we were taking about how cool it would be to make something with eye cabochons...and she found some!!...I can't wait to create something with them !!!
last but not least ...since I wanted to practice my machine quilting; I ordered these for Santas to bring me....a girl has to help him out !
Since my Hubby changed our computer to an iMac ( due to work) none of my machine embroidery programs worked on it  ...and waiting for the old Windows computer to boot was a test in patience!..which meant he had to get me some new embroidery programs ( we didn't want to run Windows parallel on the iMac ...defeats the purpose of having an iMac.) After a bit of research we found these programs from Embrillance....I got the Essentials, Thumbnailer & AlphTricks and I have to tell you they are fabulous !! I Love it !!   I can create my designs and write them to my floppy disk for my D1, the Thumbnailer lets me see all of my designs via the Finder ( so easy to find a design) and the AlphTricks lets me turn any of my fonts into keyboard fonts...fabulous, fabulous, fabulous !! These programs can be used for Apple & Window I don't get a kick back from the company...I am just a very happy camper / customer !

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday....I survived ours! we went to see the Hobbit in 3D...all I can say is FABULOUS !! A must see film!


  1. Good morning Liz,
    wonderful Gifts you got :O)
    Wishing you a wonderful new week and a good Start into the New Year!
    may it be creative - I am sure it will be! - and good and healthy!
    Wishing us all together a wonderful and funny new Blogger-Year!
    big hugs
    Claudia xxx ........and Mr. Woodworm ;O)

  2. Someone's been good this year. Lovely gifts but those eyes look pretty scary to me.



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