Friday, January 10, 2014

12 days continues.....

the last few days we have been having really mild ( warm) weather so I took the opportunity to wash my 12 Days of Christmas quilt ( it had some bleeding on the red sashing from where I tried to spot clean it and I wanted to make sure it came out before I added the binding.
I am happy to say it all came out lovely...thank goodness for Dye Magnets !!

Here is the quilt drying outside on 2 racks....
I tried taking a picture of the whole quilt but no one was around to hold it up for me... so I pulled out the bed in the couch and tried taking pictures of it ....if you put the 3 pictures together you will have the whole quilt !

The quilting is far from perfect but for a first attempt at feathering I think its pretty good...In german we have a saying " Es ist noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen" ( no Master fell from other words...practice makes perfect!!) and I plan on practicing...its more fun then I thought !

Since this quilt has been sitting in my UFO box of soooooo long I wasn't sure if I still had the red fabric from the sashing for the binding....I was surprise to find some in my stash ( Yeppeeeee) ...what amazed me even more...the gods smiled down on me and I had exactly enough to bind the whole quilt...this is the piece that was left over about luck!!! 
 Don't you just love when that happens !!

I hope you also have a lucky day!!!
P.S. In case your wondering ...I overlock the edges of the quilt ...this makes it easier to sew on the binding and it gives me a reason to use my Overlock besides letting it just collect dust.


  1. liebe Liz, der Quilt ist einfach nur grandios!!!!!!!
    Liebe grüsse von Angela

  2. Oh Liz, wie schön ist das denn? Ich ziehe den Hut vor dieser tollen Fleißarbeit!!!!
    Liebe Grüße, Christa

  3. Also ich erkläre diesen Quilt hiermit zu Deinem Meisterwerk, darfst Dich also ab sofort Meister nennen!

  4. It is STUNNING, Liz! I love your quilting.... I think you mastered that feathering already! I am so glad that the bleeding spot came out, and that you had the perfect binding fabric at hand! What a gorgeous quilt to keep through the years...


  5. Liebe Liz,
    das ist ja echtes Glück mit dem Stoff und dem Bilding...und welcher kleine Rest übriggeblieben ist. Der Quilt ist wunderschön!
    Ja, das Wetter ist verrückt, heute saßen alle Leute in den Straßencafés...draußen in der Sonne!

  6. Gorgeous quilt, I love the quilting. So pretty.

  7. love the feathers , you are doing good !!!!

  8. Wunderschöner Quillt! Ich glaube schon, dass mit dir ein Meister vom Himmel gefallen ist;-)
    Lg Brigitte



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