Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sling Bag....

One of the patterns that helped create the mess on my table was for Samantha At Home with Mrs H. ...a Sling bag that is available for FREE at Craftsy ! read right... FREE!!!!
Here is the direct link !!  Free Sling Bag 

Now that I got your attention....  I want show you my version of the Sling Bag.....BUT....I can't .....because I  am doing  a guest post on Samantha's blog about the changes I made to the pattern.... so....Pop over and see my Sling Bag and read about my changes.

.....Don't forget to look at what the other testers did ...there are some really cool ideas!!! 
I love the jeans Marisa used ( I wouldn't of cut them up, I would of still wore them!! )

This is an easy to sew, versatile sure to download it and make yourself one ( or two!!) 


  1. Yes, a nice bag, I already saw it on Maria's blog ;O)
    Happy sewing day and happy weekend, my Dear!

  2. Just read your posting at Samantha's blog. Your bag came out great Liz!

  3. Hi Liz, thanks for mention me in your post, I just came from Samantha's blog and I leave you a comment there. Thanks for showing us the steps you did for the transformation of your pattern! Your bag is really beautiful!... and admire you even more for using vinyl to make it! You did an amazing job!!!!



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