Saturday, January 25, 2014

Uptown Girl....

Christine's new pattern is finally out and I told her she should of called the pattern "Sexy Girl"  since thats how I feel carrying this bag......that or Chic, Chic, Chic !!! The name Uptown Girl won...which I think suits it perfectly!

I love this bag and I actually had fun making it....
Right after Christmas I had picked up this red Pleather since I wanted to make myself a red purse this year. So when Christine said she had a pattern to test for Pleather I knew right away what I would use!

As always, her patterns blow me away by the amount of pages and detailed instructions. I am happy to say I even learned a few new tricks & tips while making this bag.
This is a roomy,  going  "Uptown " Shopping bag. ( 12" x12") I think it looks sleek & elegant but at the same time very practical with all its pockets....
On each of the sides there are pockets for your cell phone or keys or chocolates....

and the inside is filled with more pockets...This was the first time I had ever made a middle divider pocket and I was surprised how easy it was, thanks to Christines instructions !
The bag is accented with lovely topstitching...this is not for the weak at heart but if you go slowly and use a teflon foot, #90 Schmetz Jeans needle and a longer stitch ( 4.5), it works beautifully. I also learned that you don't backstitch on leave long threads and tie them off...a bit more work but I found it makes a difference...looks more professional.

The original pattern has really cool handles & grommets ( which I couldn't find here) so I had to get creative....I decided to make my own handles from the pleather! It was way easier then I thought. If anyone is interested I can try and make a tutorial on how to make the handles)
If you think this bag is as cool as I do...pop over to Christines blog and tell her how much you like my Sexy Uptown Girl....LOL
and check out all the other beautiful versions ( I see I am not the only one that loves red!) 
You can find the pattern at her shop....If you sign up for her get 20% off the price!!! 
P.S.....this bag can also be made out of fabric!


  1. You did a beautiful job of this bag and am surprised there are no polka dots to be found. LOLL I've been using mine and feel chic carrying it but I think it would be a bit too much to say I feel sexy with it LOLLLL

  2. Waouw and red makes it so much more chic.

  3. Great bag Liz! You even found red pleather, lol!!!

  4. Lovely! My sewing machine is such a prima donna she won't sew over any bumps :-(

  5. Hi Liz, I love your bag!!! I like the color! From all evidence, Christine's patterns are very cute and you give much more value to these bags with your beautiful creations. A beautiful bag, well done! I think like you this is a Chic Chic Chic bag !
    Marisa from

  6. This bag is awesome!! I think I'm going to give it a try. I LOVE the red! I have been wanting to sew more w/ pleather. You use it a lot on your bags and it always look so professional!! I love Chris's patterns too!



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