Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Housework & husbands

what do they both have in common...there both a pain in my butt!!

Yesterday I was cleaning the house ( OK, just the upstairs...I don't want you thinking I was super housewife)
My dear sweet Hubby came home as I was finishing the last whish of the mop
...he kissed me Hello...looked around and said ..."Who's coming over tomorrow ?" 
I could of hit him with the mop.
After I played insulted I said " No one is, I just couldn't see the mess anymore !"

I do have to admit...nothing causes me to clean my house faster then knowing someone is coming to visit but I didn't realize it was noticeable to my Hubby....usually husbands don't notice anything!

I know a lot of women have specific days for house chores... I'm just know one of them!
Monday - Wash day ......I wash when the launder basket is full or I need undies
Tuesday - Ironing day...... I iron when my Hubby screams he has no shirts to wear
Wednesday- Sewing/mending day.....  I sew whenever I can and I don't mend !
Thursday - Shopping day ..... I shop when we are out of food or there is a sale on something I want
Friday  - Cleaning day ...I clean only if company is coming on Saturday and even that depends on the company. For friends I don't clean extra..they know me and like me anyways!
Saturday - Baking day.... ROFLOL...I don't bake...I love to eat cakes but I don't bake them !
Sunday - Day of Rest.....this is one day I do follow...when I can I spend it in my pajamas, relaxing at my sewing machine!

How does your week look ?? 
Do you have a cleaning day ?? 
Or are you like me ??
Maybe a mixture of the two ??

Today is Wednesday ...oh good !  it is sewing day !!  
Off to my machine!
Happy Wednesday!!
P.s. I want to thank all the german readers for the lovely comments to my german post..I will write more about it I have to is Wednesday!!!


  1. Dear Lizzie,
    Was für ein herrlicher Post. Und das Bild erst, ich liebe diese alten Bilder. Putzen in Pumps, immer schön aussehen für den
    Gatten und immer lächeln, weil putzen glücklich macht. LOL.
    Ich bin Du, für Freunde putze ich nicht. Steht ein Fest o.ä. an putze ich auch. Ansonsten lebe ich nach dem Motto, stehts blitzende Fenster und Böden machen mich nicht glücklicher.
    Ausnahme: Bad und Küche, die müssen in Ordnung sein. Saubere Fußböden? Sehen bei mir nach einer halben Stunde wieder aus wie dem Putzen - wir haben einen grossen Hund.
    Liebe Grüße und viel Spaß beim Mittwoch-Nähtag! Marle
    Deine Stickbilder finde ich sehr hübsch.

  2. Hi Liz,
    what a lovely post! Well, I would love to be as organized as you seem to be :O)))) i do not have a special cleaning day, I do things just inbetween sewing and knitting and embroidery ...LOL...........
    Happy wednesday and happy sewing to you!
    Claudia .....

  3. Well I try to get my cleaning done on mondays. For the rest I'm not organized at all. Fill the fridge when it's empty and empty the laundry basket when it's full.
    Have a nice sewingafternoon.

  4. Hahaha! My housewife list is like yours except husband doesn't need a shirt! The girls used to need them fir school, but accepted that they could iron it themselves, look crumpled, or put a jumper over to hide the creases. Daughter #1 chose crumpled look and daughter #2 chose jumper!!!!

  5. LOLLLLLLL Such a funny post but let me tell you that our husbands notice more than we give them credit for it's just that they know not to say anything if they know what's good for them LOLLL
    My cleaning schedule is exactly like yours. LOLLLL I'll iron things for hubby because his mum didn't train him to do it and by the time he came to me he was too set in his ways to learn but my son is trained and will iron his own stuff. Most of my time is spent sewing or on the internet. If I know unexpected guests are coming the whole house can be cleaned in minutes. I'm like superwoman but if not it take me forever. Unless it gets to the point where I can no longer stand it and then I'll do the whole lot. Hubby loves it then just doesn't make to much of a fuss LOLLLLLL

  6. LOLLLL...Apart from EVERYDAY being a sewing day, I only have ONE day where I have something scheduled....and that is Monday, grocery shopping day.....mainly so my daughter has fresh food to take to school for the week! Other than that, I CLEAN only when I cannot stand it anymore (Or someone dares to invite themselves over for a visit! LOL) and I wash when someone needs school or work clothes and I iron only when I have some fabric to press for my sewing.....clothes? Clothes don't need to be ironed?? WHO irons clothes? LOLLLLLL



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