Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Panic attack...

last night I had a panic attack ...it is almost the middle of February and I couldn't believe that I had only sewn one bag this year!!!!
For some reason this didn't seem right !!
I know I have been busy sewing but only one bag!! I started to panic..I will never get anything done at this rate !
So I looked through my pictures and I was relieved to see it was actually 2 bags !! Yepee! Thats still not great but at least its better then 1 bag !!
& the Sling Bag

I have also made a few pouches as birthday gift ..which I can finally show. I had told the girls in my beading group that they could wish ( choose) any pouch for their birthday and I would make it for them.
Brigitte loves owls & purple so I thought this was a good combination.
Alena wished a pouch from this vinyl ....I was so glad that have just enough of the vinyl left to make the pouch...( a bigger version of the Susie pouch)

plus this tiny pouch to go with it ...this design is by Michellepatterns but I would NOT recommend making it out of vinyl ...almost impossible to turn ! I definitely will try sewing it again but with fabric next time! For some reason I like challenges! Don't look to close...you can see all the mistakes but I gave it to her anyways...so that she would know that no one is perfect...especially not me !!

I also made another pouch...can't show it yet...her birthday isn't till Valentines day...isn't that a cool day to have a birthday! Everyone is in love & happy on your birthday!

I think the worse part is...that I have 2 patterns from the Bag of the Month Club that are waiting to be sewn ( one is half cut out...the zippers for the other have arrived) but for one reason or another I can't get to them ...Don't you hate when that happens!



  1. Well, off you go to your sewing machine ;O))))
    Wonderful bags and pouches you made!
    Happy sewing,
    Love and hugs

  2. Only two bags and a lot of pouches. Waouw My day isn't long enough to make even half of all that. My to-do-list is very long though :-)
    Had a look at an Amy Butler pattern I bought 2 or 3 years ago( shame on me, and there is the skirtpattern and the......) Maybe I should just get it done.

  3. Forgot to say that I looooooove your uptowngirl. (Billy Joels song too haha)

  4. I'm panicking with you this month. I'm trying to finish a test bag and that's all I've done this month. Like you I also have the two bags of the month to make not to mention a couple of sew alongs to catch up with. As for custom orders AHHHHHHH I don't want to think about it.
    Your bags and pouches look gorgeous, you've done really well this month so don't panic.

  5. hallo liebe liz,
    wow-wow, deine tasche(n) sind ganz wunervoll. sowas möchte ich auch gerne können. schauen richtig flott aus!
    ps: vielen dank für deine lieben worte auf meinem blog.



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