Monday, March 31, 2014

Mischief Muse.....

over the weekend we had wonderful weather ...spring has arrived !!

My Hubby & I put on shorts and made ourself comfy in the garden and enjoyed the warm weather....

.....we tried few new cold beers...( these were tasty !)
 ...we fired up the grill....with steaks & sausages
...anything to try and tempt my Muse to come home...(I have been doing some sewing but its not the same without my Muse...she inspired me, she motivated me, she kept me up at night! I need her !)

...the next day we even tried grilling spare ribs....( my favorite)
....nothing seemed to work.

.....but then late in the evening I had the feeling she was off to my sewing room I went and started to sew March's " Bag of the Month Bag" ...the Convertible Bag ....I sewed and sewed .... I was happy....until I was about to do my finally topstitching ...then I realized something was wrong!!!

Can you see whats wrong with this bag ????

It has no handles strap!!!! How am I to carry it !!!
Looks like my Muse was being mischief and forgot to remind me to add the strap !!! grrrrrr......

Back to my sewing machine...maybe its a good thing if my Muse stays away...I'll have less ripping to do !


  1. That's an awesome bag - I think she was just playing an early April fool on you!

  2. Hi Liz,

    sounds great your weekend with a bbq in the garden :O)

    The Bag looks wonderful ...but it would be better with a strap ...LOL ...

    Have a happy week,
    Big hugs

  3. Hi Liz,
    don´t give the Muse too much beer ;-))

  4. LOLLLLLL It could be a large clutch bag. You've seen too many of my bags I think, I love it in brown LOLLL and you even did the zig zag stitching like my wallets LOLLLL. It looks great even without the strap.

  5. What a funny post!! Sounds you had a great day. I think the bag is gorgeous. Your muse is just a bit lazy or she's got something else on her mind. Isn't it great went you think your done and is only time to get the seam ripper?!! I've had my moments like that. I think I might as well be friends with the seam ripper!! ;-)

  6. Falls Du noch keine Träger dran hast, könntest Du aus der Tasche einen Rucksack machen, so sieht es für mich aus. Vielleicht war das Schicksal dass Du sie vergessen hast, nun bekommst Du lauter gute Ratschläge von uns.



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