Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Convertible Bag ...

...March's Bag of the Month ...is finally finished !
As you know I forgot to attach the strap to the bag....that is what happens when you decide to change the pattern ( I left out the taps & D-Rings for the strap because I didn't have any in gold to match the thumb clasp and this fabric needed a gold thumb catch)
So I decided to add a little "pfiff" to the straps by making them two tone and setting them simply into the sides...its a pity the pictures don't show the shiny bronze color of the fabric. It is the same one as one the frone pocket.
 The bag has a nice big front pocket that you can drop your cell phone or keys in for quick access.
Normally the back also has a zippered pocket but I decide for this bag not to include it as I wanted a simple brown bag ....
No inside would be complete without a couple of pockets and polka dots....surprise...no red!
I will definitely be making this bag again...maybe in denim??..this would make a great everyday bag...not to big that I end up carrying everything in it but big enough for my necessaries. Next time I will make it like Samantha wrote the pattern ...with all the hardware and pockets....you can see the testers pictures here!

I hope my hardware order shows up today...then maybe I can start on Februarys & Aprils Bag of the month patterns.?!
P.S. This was my first time ever installing a thumb catch...I did hold my breath putting it in but it turned out to be easier then I thought.


  1. Great bag, Liz. I love the two toned straps. I hate making straps so I would never think to add more detail. I may have to rethink that.

  2. What a nice bag--I really like the straps! I'm glad that the thumb catch worked out well for you. I'm about to try one for the first time.

    I can identify with not being able to get all the hardware I'd like. I'm starting to have more options locally, but everything is mainly in silver so that is what I'm sticking with for now (for short-notice projects).

    Great work--I would love to see a denim version of this bag when you get it made up, too! :)


  3. Very nice! I'm glad you had the time to finish it and add such a great strap. It turned out great! I'm also thinking on making the bag again but haven't had time yet. I love those thumb catch closures!!

  4. Looks great Liz! I like your strap done like that too. I made 2 of these because I gave one to my mom. I always change my bags because I can't get the hardware locally and so I use whatever I already have, which is D-rings and magnetic snaps. I might try the thumb catch or twist locks one day if I can find them, but it would have to be on a bag I really liked well enough to spend the extra money on

  5. She is BAG ... upps...BACK, I mean :O)
    Hi Liz, wonderful Bag!
    Nice to have you here again!
    Have a wonderful week,
    big hugs

  6. What gorgeous fabrics for your Convertible Bag!
    It is just beautiful... I know you will be getting complements when you use it!


  7. Eine wundervolle Tasche hast du genäht!!!

  8. That's gorgeous! And denim sounds like a great idea too !

  9. Awesome. A denimversion sounds nice too. Look forward to see that one.



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