Tuesday, July 8, 2014

its raining, its pouring ....

with a bit of luck this weather will continue all week!!

Why am I happy about this ...rain days mean Pajama Sewing days!! Yeppeee!!

I have decided on such a day there is nothing else to do but put on my favorite PJ's and sew!!
Not to be total lazy housewife...I did do some house-work...I turned on the dishwasher!! (it counts)
I cooked a pot of coffee....
energy food is ready....
Pajamas are on (no picture here...this is a family friendly Blog)

I'm off to my machine...

Does anyone want to join me ???

The rules are easy ....
Pajamas on....
Coffee / tea  ready....
Enjoy the rain day !!
P.S: The only time I am getting out of my pajamas today is to take Max for a walk...I think the neighbor would appreciate it :-)


  1. Einfach herrlich, liebe Liz.
    Wenn ich nicht schon mit Chica hätte raus müssen und um 7 Uhr im Job hätte sein müssen...ich wäre auch noch "im Hemd", wie man hier so sagt.
    Geniesse den Tag, ich bin manchmal wirklich froh über Regen, dann habe ich kein schlechtes Gewissen, an der Nähmaschine zu sitzen. Bei Sonne bin ich draussen und da stricke ich mehr oder nähe mit der Hand.

    verregnete Grüße

  2. I have my tea ready but I've lost my mojo and it's way to hot to be wearing pj's here so I'll just read my favourite blogs and hope my mojo returns. Have a fun time and send some rain my way.

  3. Hi Liz,
    I guess I am too late to join today, but perhaps I will do this tomorrow :O) Sounds so good ;O)))
    Have a lovely evening,

  4. Lucky me, it is starting to get cloudy here! If it starts raining soon, I might get back into my jammies and join you sewing all day. I have a quick errand to run first.



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