Wednesday, July 9, 2014

its still raining

...and once again,  I am in my pajamas ...but today they are fluffy ones since it is a bit cold !

Last night when my hubby came home from work...he gave me a kiss and said..." I see your still in your Pajamas" .....
I looked at him and answered..." If you'd read my blog you'd know I called it a  " Pajama Rain/ Sewing day" today...
He then said..."well it looks like your going to be spending the rest of the week in pajamas...its suppose to pour  all week ! ""

Unfortunately I don't have any rubber boots.. I wonder if Amazon could do a emergency delivery ??
...... these sure would be cute...
...or these ones...they would fit my fat calves better !
I hope my Hubbys not right...a couple of days in my PJ's is nice but then I have to get out in the sunshine ...I have to walk the dog, have to play in my garden !! A girl can not only spend her days in her pajamas! Once in a while she has to get dressed! But not today!! 

As I was enjoying the rain yesterday I did some sewing ...I can't show you anything is a birthday gift...the other is for a blog hop and now I have a pattern to test ... I promise it will be worth the wait :-)
heres a sneak peek ......what could they be??
 Beate, this fabric reminds me of you :-)

Back to my machine....
Happy Sewing!!


  1. Ach liebe Liz,
    bei uns hat es auch gerade wieder angefangen zu regnen, obwohl vor ner Stunde sogar die Sonne hervor schaute....und nun beginnt es zu gewittern...
    Die Gummistiefel sehen schon cool aus..und kann man nun gut gebrauchen!

    LG Klaudia

  2. Hi Liz,
    hihi,I was laughing about your Hubby's forecast :O)
    But then it really would be better to have such lovely rubber boots!
    Have a nice evening,
    here it stopped raining, but I don't know, how long this will last ...

  3. What fab boots! I hope you get some sunshine soon, me? I have sunshine but looking forward to seeing in my pjs!

  4. Rain or shine sewing is the best thing to do! And please get those boots!! Happy sewing!



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