Thursday, July 24, 2014

Money, money, money.....

everyone loves it and we all need it !
When our cousin Iris, celebrated her 60th birthday I knew right away what we were going to give her for her birthday, not money!! (I'm not a big believer on giving money for gifts, usually it gets spent on bills) I want the person to have something from me.

So instead of money... I gave her something to hold it in ...I made my first Necessary Clutch Wallet by Emmaline   ....can you say, loooove it!!!
Of course I had to make a few changes to the Germany we don't use as many credit cards so I omitted one side of credit card slot pockets and added a snap pocket instead ( for bills or receipts)
This wallet really can act as a holds everything you, credit cards and your cell phone fits in there without a problem.
I really enjoy sewing this wallet..I definitely will be making more !

Since I knew Iris would get lots of money from others for her birthday.....I had to give her a bigger bag to carry in all in ...the Aragon Bag.
...every time I saw her, she told me how much she loved this bag, so I knew I would give it to her for her birthday.
Now she has a set for her trip to Russia! 
Bon voyage Iris !! 
Stay away from the Vodka !!


  1. So fancy and classy! They look great with the contrast fabric on the lining. Your cousin is very lucky to have you. I'm sure you'll be making more of the NCW. The pattern design is fabulous and addictive.

  2. My these are just beautiful...I am sure she will not only love them, but get much use from them both...I love the fabric you chose to use on them...just lovely.

  3. Beautiful gifts and my goodness you even have a red cell phone LOLLL. The fabric you used for the wallet looks alot like mine. I wondered where it had gone LOLL

  4. Aren't you a lovely cousin!!!! Beautiful gifts

  5. Wow lucky Iris! She'll be styling in Russia for sure.

  6. GORGEOUS work Liz ....and I have to admit I had to giggle when I saw you have a red mobile phone! Not that I was surprised! LOLLLL



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