Monday, July 21, 2014

Stair Basket Sew Along...Day 5

.....while everyone else is putting their basket together ( out of plastic canvas)...I can take the day off since I have already built my basket.....
On the weekend I did manage to catch up a bit...

I would NOT recommend lining the upper edge of the pockets with pleater ( like I did) ...what a pain in the butt! ....actually sewing was easy...gathering up the elastic tunnel was the pain....pleather was to thick.
Everything else went together without a hitch...except the one corner ( inner one gave me fits.) After ripping it numerous times ( a lot) I finally figured out that its was easier to sew it if you clipped the seam allowance almost to the point...thus allowing you to get an almost straight line...that was way easier to sew then a crazy L shape.

The lining went together really quickly ( compared to the outer shell)...I even added a pleather trim to the top of the outer shell...we'll see if this was a good idea.
Now I have to figure out how to put the two the instructions it is basted to the plastic canvas frame is out of wood and I don't have hand sewing needles that go through 3mm wood....time for the thinking cap...that or a lot of hand sewing!!



  1. Good morning Liz,
    this looks wonderful! Such a pretty fabrics! but, yes, I think you have to do some handsewing .... but really, it it a wonderful work!
    Have a happy sewing week,

  2. Eine wundervolle Tasche hast du genäht.

  3. What a wonderful basket with wonderful design.





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